2018 Lent Negativity Fast + Positivity Feast



Life-Changing Experiences

Following this fast is making a profound difference for me. Thank you!

– Tina

I so appreciate your example of a child learning to walk to describe hopefulness. A child doesn't worry when it falls down learning to walk because they are looking to their parents and what they can do. It is easy and natural for them, so it will be easy and natural for me.

Thank you, Steve and Wendy, for your desire to set the body of Christ into freedom and holiness!

I am looking forward to this amazing Negativity Fast and I will let you know how this spiritual toddler is doing along the way. :)

– Joseph

Personal Transformation / Overcoming Old Mindsets

Wow, wow, wow! I am getting so rocked by this fast. This is the BEST fast I have ever been on. I look forward to each day. As I started this journey through the daily devotions it has brought up pain that I thought I had already dealt with. It felt so big like I couldn’t get through the lies, but as I continued to press forward, breakthrough happen, big breakthrough/freedom. I feel so blessed each day. So much truth in each devotion, life changing power, it’s breaking off old thinking and starting the new thinking. I felt God say to me “Christina you are overcoming the old way of thinking, so you will never have to go through that way of thinking ever again.”

– Christina

Beliefs About Giving Prophetic Words

My testimony for day 5, “I am anointed.” My friend and I got together to pray this morning, and I have been so unsure of myself in the area of giving people a prophetic word from God. Through conversation, we both realized this is area of growth for us. I hadn’t even read today’s email yet, but it’s speaking to my situation exactly. God is taking me into a deeper understanding of myself and His nature at the same time. In the past, I was so afraid to open my mouth and say things that I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to say. Now, I truly believe that He’s taking me there, step-by-step.

– Sarah

Beliefs about Healing the Sick

I have had many people say that they see me healing the sick, or that I have a healing anointing. I do receive this word, but my “circumstances” say that I can count on less than one hand how many people have experienced healing directly through me. I often struggle to have faith that my prayers bring physical healing.

The other day I (again) had an old classmate say that she pictured me healing the sick. Later that afternoon we went out for lunch with a new friend who was experiencing muscle pain from an intense workout. My classmate asked if we could pray for her and she said "yes," so we all gathered and laid hands on her. My classmate did most of the praying, but I could tell she was looking at me, and because of a perceived pressure to perform, I did not say anything out loud. But I did pray in my heart and under my breath and had my hand in what I believed to be the target zone. The gave me the the words “speed up the process” in my mind, but I did not say anything out loud.

After we prayed, our friend expressed that she has always wanted miraculous healing but never experienced it. When we asked her how she was feeling she said “a bit better," and so we gave thanks for the “bit." She went on to say how she usually just rides out the healing process and so I stretched out my hand and said the words I had received: “God, speed up the process." The others said a “yes” in agreement and we went on with lunch.

Yesterday, as part of your devotional for Day 4, I wrote out declarations to counter the lies from Day 3. One of them was “I will heal the sick." At the end where you asked what my new God-given name would be, I didn’t get a new one, I wrote down my own. My name is Laura. “Victorious Anointed One”. I have always loved my name, but in different seasons I have felt either more or less connected with it. But it has never changed. It is a true declaration of my identity and I want to fully live it out.

Today, I got a text from my classmate telling me about the outcome of our prayers. Our new friend said that as we started to pray she could feel the pain level start to go down and when she woke up this morning she was completely pain free! She has never experienced that kind of healing before, and said it taught her something as well. She had always believed in healing, but maybe not for her. Now she knew otherwise. And I had always believed in healing, but maybe not through me. Now I know otherwise. Though many of us prayed, I was still a part of it. I declared a quicker recovery and it was. So no matter what the enemy tries to say about the level of my involvement, I have that.

– Laura

Believing 'I Am Anointed'

I did today’s devotion (Day 5) and prayed for an opportunity to have God show Himself strong when I wasn’t “feeling” anointed. As He is faithful to do, He answered me in two ways: 

First, I found myself having a very sensitive conversation with an in-law about a difficulty our children were having in their relationships. My relationship with this family member has felt under attack for as far back as I can remember. I have always felt like a failure in communicating with this family member, and was having trouble not believing that the outcome of this conversation would be poor.

I did not feel Spirit-filled during our conversation; I felt afraid, helpless, and desperate. But, God is so faithful and I remembered today's devotion: "I am anointed." After over two hours of a difficult conversation, love prevailed! Our miscommunications were cleared up and our relationship is better for it. I've never experienced a conflict of that magnitude ending so wonderfully with this person!

Then, at work recently, I ran into a co-worker who mentioned some major hip and back pain she had been having. Though I felt anything but Spirit-filled in that moment, I asked if I could pray for her anyway. And, she was healed!!! To this day she says she's had no more back and hip pain! God’s anointing really is on us even when we don’t feel it.

– Lea

Believing My Past Doesn't Define My Present

Today, I have been learning that past experiences do not define my current experience. I've heard Steve share this truth several times before, but it's amazing how this Negativity Fast fast equips us with truths at the right time to overcome the lies we're about to face!

Now I know I can chose to behave differently and chose to trust God, and trust that in most situations people have good intentions. In circumstances I've faced today, I've had to work hard not to put up defenses, but instead chose to believe higher things about myself and others. To believe people could communicate to understand me, not to judge or accuse. Just a little of what is happening in my changing mindsets – I am choosing to believe and trust God!

– Wendy

Beliefs About Ability to Live in Joy

The things I am learning through this fast – Wow! My children will get to walk in the revelations I'm receiving now and not have to learn this at 33 years old. I have come from such a generational past of criticism and made it my goal to not stay there, however, I realized I never made it my goal to stay in joy. I'm learning and believing that JOY, beautiful joy, trumps it all. Being joyful of what Jesus did for me on the Cross keeps me full, and I don’t have time to lose my joy for anything else.

– Christina

Beliefs About anointing & Identity in Christ

I've been declaring: "What I believe about something is more important than what is done about it!" and "I have an anointing that abides, whether I feel it or not, that daily impacts the world for Jesus!" I felt myself come into alignment with these beliefs and truths today, and I was able to share Jesus with someone of another perspective. I spoke that person's true identity in Christ, living these words I've been declaring over myself. Though I had no desire to share in the moment, I was able to testify to that individual. The words in this fast are so powerful! They are truly alive!

– Esther

Beliefs About God As Our Provider

I just want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. I first learned about the Negativity Fast this year, and the truths you're imparting to me, and the way God has spoken to me through my prayers and reflections this Lent has been truly astounding. He has spoken day after day right to the heart of whatever was going on in me at that moment!

For instance, I just dried my tears after receiving a letter to say that my teenage daughter isn't going to be offered a scholarship to her dream performing arts school. And then I read today's devotional about Jehovah Jireh (God is my Provider). How good is our God. I am choosing to believe that God, my Provider, will raise up that money for her!

In addition, I was asked to speak at church recently and told everyone about the Negativity Fast. You are helping God to break strongholds for so many.

May God richly bless you!

– Karen

A Life Transformed by Hope

I just want to say a HUGE thank you for providing us with this year’s NFPF. It has done so many amazing things for me. I’m so proud that I am on the path to new mindsets. I struggled for my whole life (almost 34 years) with wrong beliefs about God, myself, my circumstances, and other people. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon Igniting Hope!

Since then, I’ve started the 40 day fast, I’ve purchased numerous books for me and my children (all of which have been revolutionary for us), and listened (almost daily) to Steve’s Hope Injections. Some days during this Lent, I don’t know how I would have made it through if it weren’t for the NFPF. I’ve started to change my negative speech into positive speak, and this has given me so much more peace, joy, and energy. It has helped my attitude toward my husband and my kids, and that in itself is priceless.

I introduced my Aunt to these materials one day and she seemed so eager to know more, so I purchased Level 2 for her as well. These materials are life-changing and I will share them with anyone who asks. I wish everyone would do this fast. I truly appreciate Steve and the Igniting Hope team. Thank you so much! My plan is to repeat the 40 days when it's all done.

– Sarah