Day 14 – Continually Annointed

Day 14    |    Continually Annointed


"Kratos Power" – One truth that will keep us positive and cause us to powerfully influence others in a positive way is for us to believe that we are continually anointed, whether we feel it or not. Here is an excerpt from my book, Victorious Mindsets.  

"I Am Anointed" 

(Overcoming waiting for the right feeling to minister)

“But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you . . .” (1 John 2:27).

Victorious Christians believe they are strong, even when they don’t feel strong. They have learned they continually have an anointing (a divine influence on others) that is ready to be released. They function from faith rather than emotion.

Leaders are thermostats, not thermometers. They set the spiritual temperature, not reflect it. They rise above the mood or anointing level in a place (or in themselves) and set a new standard. They understand that going to higher levels requires swimming upstream against the flow of fear, self-doubt, past failures, people’s opinions and many inner lies. They overcome merely reflecting the status quo and believe they are anointed to bring positive change no matter how they feel. This attribute is an important aspect of what ultimately makes them a leader in the first place.

The enemy of our souls hopes we will limit our ministry to times when we feel anointed. Yes, we need to learn to be led by the Spirit, which often includes our emotions, but eventually we will need to believe we have an anointing that abides (does not come and go). Our faith must be in the fact of our anointing, not in the feeling of it. This belief creates consistency in such things as praying for others, sharing Christ, teaching and prophesying.

It is not uncommon for powerful impartations to be given by those who had little or no manifestation of that power themselves. They are like the infamous Typhoid Mary who infected many with typhoid fever while never having the symptoms in her own life. Like her, those in Christ are carriers of an anointing that is contagious, even if it appears not to be affecting us at all.

Know this: If you believe you are powerful in the Lord, you will be powerful. If you believe you are a revivalist at all times, revival fires will be left in your wake. As you believe you have an anointing that abides, you will impact the world for Christ.

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"God blesses me and surrounds me with favour as a shield!”
(Psalm 5:12)



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