Day 2 – Agreeing with the Promise


Day 2   |  Agreeing with the Promise

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One of the main reasons for negativity is our agreement with past experience instead of God's promises. If an apple tree has never had apples, many would seemingly conclude that it does not have "the gift of apples." Taking this thought further, what would happen to a baby if he determined his future based on the past? He would think, "I have never walked before, so I don't have the gift of walking. I must only have the gift of crawling." No, a baby determines his future by looking at his parents. We too determine our future by not looking at the past, but our Daddy God (Jesus) to determine what we will do and who we actually are.

Those who determine their future through the lens of past experience will be more negative than those who determine their future based on God's promises and the belief that they will mature into the lifestyle and beliefs Jesus walked in.

A help to do this fast successfully – Say the declarations like you mean it. It may seem odd to declare these things, but keep it up. We have received testimony after testimony of transformed lives through the power of declarations.

Unreasonably Optimistic,



Let's Declare This!

“The God of hope fills me with all joy and peace in believing so that I abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!”
(Romans 15:13)



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