Day 25 – Recalculating

Day 25   |    Recalculating



Today's devotional is "Walking Off a Spiritual Roof – Part 2." 

We have been going through some of the notes of my sermon, "Five Life Changing Beliefs." Here is another one of those beliefs:

“I will always have what I need to do what needs to be done.”

Let’s just laugh at this lie: “God will not meet my needs in the future.” Haa haa!!

I love what Philippians 4:19 say! It doesn’t say “And my God shall supply some of your need” No! It says  “all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Now how many of you know all of your need is not just financial? He’s talking about ALL your need! Your emotional needs; your relational needs; your need for ideas; your need for breakthrough in certain areas; your family needs. He will supply ALL of your needs.

Here's another life-changing belief: "My past will always be turned to good in the future."

Declare with me: “My past will always be turned to good in the future.”

Now Romans 8:28 –this is one verse the devil really does NOT like!

“And we know that all things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Wow…how many things? "All things." And how many is that? Isn’t that amazing?

That is a great truth…but when we actually believe it, when we actually say I believe that truth something happens. Everything in our path gets turned for good. Everything! Our mistakes, bad things that have happened to us, it all gets turned to good. It creates backfire to the devil!

Watch these 2 hope injections to further develop this point: It Backfired Again.Recalculate

Now say this with me, "I’m going to get there!”


Check out this Testimony and Tip from our friend, Heather, in Australia:

"Lately I have felt the Holy Spirit reminding me I can be worshipping and 'in His presence' while I have to wait or go slow in traffic. When I go with the Holy Spirit and worship I have the most awesome times of sensing His presence which is just so much better than worrying about my progress on the freeway. The delay actually becomes an enormous bonus of time with God I would not have experienced otherwise and such an antidote to discomfort in my soul."

The Spirit of Prophecy is in the Testimony of the Saints. We declare, your traffic stop experiences will never be the same again.

Unreasonably Optimistic,




“The LORD opens to me His good treasure, the heavens to give the rain to my land in its season and to bless ALL the work of my hand!”

(Deuteronomy 28:12)



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