Day 32 – Testimonies

Day 32     |     Testimonies


We are going down the home stretch for our negativity fast and positivity feast. I bless you as you seek to walk in joy and hope in every situation. Here are a few recent testimonies we've received that we wanted to share with you to encourage you on your journey:

Healing Testimony

“Our daughter broke out in a rash all over her body the night before we were due to go away on holiday. We were advised for her to take an anti-histamine liquid every four hours. We did this for about 36 hours but the rash did not relent and was so uncomfortable for her. That bedtime, I asked Holy Spirit to come and minister to her. I declared healing over her and commanded the rash to go. She woke up two hours later and the rash had almost gone, and by morning it was completely gone. Two times during the next day traces began to reappear, again I asked Holy Spirit to come, declared and commanded, and it went very quickly. God has been speaking to me about believing that He wants to come and minister when I ask and that it's not about my works or the past but about believing that He's always there for me and that he wants me to see myself as someone He works through. Thank you so much for the Fast and Feast.”

Marriage & Family Reconciliation

“I have an amazing testimony from when I was a part of this Fast/Feast last year in a Bible study group and via the Level 2 email (video experience). My husband and I were separated and on the brink of a divorce due to issues that we were having with our son (college student) for several years. I spoke the declarations daily and believed in my heart that God would restore our marriage of 17 years. He did and now we are leading a Bible study that God has been blessing. I have also had opportunities to help others going through similar circumstances. Our son has returned to the Lord and graduated from college. God is so amazing! Thanks for all you do and just know you are making a difference!”

Hope Restored

“I recently prayed with a lady for healing from diabetes at an outreach event. The swelling in her hands went down and she was able to put on her wedding and engagement rings for the first time in a long time. I could tell her identity was her illness and the past hurts in her life, and her speech reflected that. I talked with her for quite a while, and she seemed to be hungry for what I was saying. She gave me her email address and I promised to send her some materials to help her be transformed by the renewal of her mind. I told her Steve’s testimony, gave the Igniting Hope website and sent some of the Negativity Fast emails. She later asked if we could meet up again, as she was using the materials and wanted more input. We met yesterday and I was delighted to see her appearance as she came through the door – she was beaming! The heaviness and sadness were gone, and she was full of hope and expectation of good for the future! It was a miraculous transformation in a very short time, as she had diligently replaced lies with the truth of God’s word. Love what you do, bringing hope and joy to the nations.” 

Now that is living out the negativity fast! Here are some great reminders to speak out:

1) There is always a solution.

2) I will always know what to do.

3) I will always succeed in everything I do.

4) I will always have the provision that I need.

5) My past is always turned to good. 

Finally, today's "Wrestling for What?" devotional is such an inspiration to me. Lord, we will not let go until you bless us with the revelation of who we already are in you. 

Unreasonably Optimistic,




“I walk by the Spirit, not the flesh!”
(Galatians 5:16)



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