Day 38 – Changing the World

Day 38      |     Changing the World



As we move toward the end of our Lent Negativity Fast, I wanted to remind you of some thoughts I have written about joy:

I used to have this romantic view of life where I thought I would be joyful in a coming future moment when everything lined up just right for me (no uncertainties, the people in my life are doing what I think they should be doing, I have overcome all personal weaknesses, my finances are great, etc.) – THEN I would be joyful. This is a delusion. If I am not joyful now, the chances of me being joyful then are slim.

So, as you prepare for the end of these forty days, here are some suggestions of how to build on what has happened during this fast:

  1. Do the fast again with new people!  Use the book, Bible reading plan, and the catch-up page for Level 1 to go through the material again.
  2. Celebrate your own testimonies of fasting negativity, those posted on the Facebook page, and share them with us! We love to hear what God has been doing throughout this fast and feast.
  3. Get more material to feast on. We recommend Possessing Joy and Higher Perspectives as group devotionals. We also recommend the Abounding Hope and Joy 6-part teaching.
  4. Connect with Igniting Hope Ministries on our Facebook page, check out our new podcast and YouTube channel, click through the website, and be sure to hear Steve and Wendy Backlund in-person if they’re traveling to a church near you, by clicking here.
  5. Look for information on an upcoming Declarations Challenge through our newsletter.
  6. Listen to sermons on hope, joy, and victorious beliefs by individuals like Steve and Wendy, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Graham Cooke, and others!
  7. Prioritize thankfulness every day. Make it a habit to intentionally find and note what is good in your life.

We would love to hear how this fast has impacted your life! Be sure to share your testimonies with us by emailing

Unreasonably Optimistic,




“God gives me the victory through Jesus Christ my Lord!"

(1 Corinthians 15:57)



  1. Read Today's Devotional in Igniting Faith in 40 Days.
  2. Steve’s Daily Declarations – Click here for a printable PDF.
  3. Daily Bible Reading – Click here for Igniting Faith in 40 Days' suggested Bible reading for this day.
  4. Laugh at a few good lies! – Learn more about laughing at lies here.



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