Beliefs Assessment Recommendations

Thank you for taking the Igniting Hope Beliefs Assessment! Click the video below to re-watch a message from Steve Backlund about this assessment and how to approach it:


How to Assess Your Beliefs Scores

Use "The Beliefs Assessment Quadrants" image below to identify which quadrant you fall into for each area of beliefs, based on your four scores. You may find you already possess healthy beliefs in one area of life, while there's opportunity for growth in another area.

Please note that this assessment's scoring system is set-up like golf scoring – the lower the score number, the healthier your beliefs are in that area (healthiest beliefs being Quadrant 4). Also, be sure to scroll further below to read our list of recommended resources to help you grow in each beliefs area. 

After taking the Beliefs Assessment once, we recommend:

  1. Writing down your scores and the quadrants you fall into for each of the beliefs areas today (beliefs about self, God, circumstances, and others). 
  2. Completing something like Steve and Wendy's Lent Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast, or reading and meditating on some of our resources like Declarations, Igniting Faith in 40 Days, or Victorious Mindsets, etc. See the list of recommended resources below for each of the beliefs areas (though each resource can greatly impact your overall beliefs).
  3. Taking the assessment again at a later date and noting where your beliefs and score has improved in each of the four areas. 

Recommended Resources to Grow In Healthy Beliefs

Read a list of recommended materials for each of the four beliefs areas (beliefs about self, God, circumstances, and others). Please note that once you establish healthy beliefs in one area, it often impacts your beliefs about other areas of life as well, so each resource can benefit you as you establish overall, godly beliefs in your life.