Beliefs Training in the Negativity Fast

This year for the Lent Negativity Fast, we are offering sessions with Igniting Hope Ministries Beliefs Trainers for Level 3 registrant.

NOTE: Beliefs training is now closed for the 2016 Lent Negativity Fast. To learn more and to receive personal training in your beliefs later in the year, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your name and email address.

What is a Beliefs Trainer?

We believe that no one wants “flabby beliefs” or bad beliefs, so we created Beliefs Trainers – personal trainers who will partner with you during the Lent Negativity Fast to create a plan to work on your beliefs, much like a physical workout trainer would work on your physique. They are not counselors or life coaches to fix your life or respond to every personal crisis, but are a powerful, personal resource during the Fast to talk you through practical steps to help you target negative beliefs based on lies and replace them with positive beliefs based on biblical truth. 

Your Beliefs Trainer will help you discover and determine which key beliefs to address during the fast. They will help you customize biblical and practical mind renewal tools used in the Fast and direct you towards resources that will increase the effectiveness of establishing new, positive, healthy beliefs.

How it works

Once you have registered for Level 3 of the Negativity Fast, a Beliefs Trainer will be assigned to you. They will email you with the first steps of the beliefs training, which includes a link to our Beliefs Assessment. This assessment helps your trainer discover which areas of beliefs to work on with you in your sessions and throughout the fast. Your trainer will also ask specific questions about where you feel your beliefs can be improved. These can be in areas like finances, relationships, evangelism and many more. The information gathered in this initial email will help your trainer make the most of your two thirty-minute sessions together.

You have the opportunity to schedule the sessions with your trainer on the front end and the back end of the fast. During your formal sessions with your trainer, he or she will ask questions that help identify your current beliefs, recommend tools and resources to establish healthy positive beliefs, and help you personalize and apply what you are learning during the fast at a higher level.

Level 3 registrants will be able to email their trainers during the Fast and trainers will respond in a weekly email to help create targets for growth along the way, helping you make the most out of your fast.

Get started

Registration for beliefs training (Level 3) of the 2016 Lent Negativity Fast is now closed. If you're interested in learning more about beliefs training opportunities Igniting Hope Ministries will offer later in the year, enter your name and email address below.