Believability School

Intro to Believability Schools

In partnership with Global Legacy, Igniting Hope Ministries hosts Believability Schools in various locations. This is an in-person, 3-day school with Paul Manwaring and Steve and Wendy Backlund.

About Believability Schools

Perhaps one of the greatest areas of need today is for authentic and believable leaders and individuals. The Believability School was designed to help you grow in both your personal and spiritual beliefs and to increase your ability to believe what God has said, and is saying, to cancel lies and walk in greater victory in every area of your life. You are about to step into a season of abundance and it will begin with a believability birthed in the abundance of our God!

Paul Manwaring

Paul Manwaring is a member of the senior leadership team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA and director of Global Legacy, an apostolic relational network of revivalists. Prior to his time at Bethel, Paul earned a management degree from Cambridge University, is a registered general and psychiatric nurse, and served in senior prison management in England for 19 years. He is married and has two sons and two grandsons.

Steve Backlund

Steve Backlund is an author and revivalist teacher currently on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Prior to moving to Redding in 2008, Steve was a senior pastor for seventeen years. At Bethel, Steve teaches leadership development in both the ministry school and through Global Legacy's Leadership Development online school. Steve and his wife, Wendy, are also the founders of Igniting Hope Ministries, emphasizing joy, hope, and higher perspectives for life. He has written numerous books, including Victorious Mindsets, Let's Just Laugh at That, Igniting Faith in 40 Days and Possessing Joy.

Testimonies for Believability Schools

At the Believability school I got healed of my digestion and food issues. I can eat food I have not been able to eat in years! Praise God!! I did not receive prayer for it specifically, but God has really been speaking to me about my thought life that it has power to create. During the conference the message from Steve and Paul just was a light bulb that when on in my head. Plus, the 40 day negativity fast has really put me in a different place and a given me a new level of empowerment to renew my mind and believe with in my heart and mind and mix that with my declarations and it will manifest. And that is what happened. God is so good!! And there is power to thinking thoughts of faith and trust in God and mixing that with declarations of His promises over our life!!
— Jessi
The three days of Bethel’s Believability School literally transitioned my life into what I have been praying for… to demonstrate His Kingdom and fully represent Christ.

The day after Believability School my husband, asked me to go to the hospital to pray for a young woman who gave her life to Jesus recently at our church. Last week she got double pneumonia and went to the ER with chest pain. Her health quickly declined and within a day she was literally on her deathbed. She flat lined and died twice. The doctor prepared the family that she was not going to make it. She was basically waiting to die. When John asked me to pray, I thought about everything that happened in me during Believability School and an excitement rose up. I thought what a wonderful opportunity for a miracle!!! When I got to the hospital and walked into her room, she had that look I’d seen many times before during hospital visitations - that look of someone warring with death and possibly about to lose. She had breathing tubes, feeding tubes, IVs and all kinds of wires and tiny tubes inserted in her neck and her arms were held down with straps. I sat down next to the bed feeling the Lord’s presence and charged with truths that unlocked the Kingdom of God in and through my life over the last 3 days. I touched her leg saying, “Hey [name], it’s me, [name]. I’m here to pray for you.” Immediately, her eyes popped open and she looked at me. I knew by her expression that she recognized me. I began to pray as the Holy Spirit led. Then the Lord told me to play “Spirit Break Out” for her and that she loves music. So I placed my phone on her pillow with the song playing and she moved her head closer to hear the song. (I didn’t realize then how every little movement was a miracle). Then I saw God’s heart and plan for her. I remember Steve saying “The greatest prophecy is calling someone or something by its future.” So the Holy Spirit showed me a vision of her being so funny and hilarious, lighting up a room with laughter. I saw her mentoring young girls and women one on one and helping them find freedom from addictions and depression etc. I explained all of this in detail to her and that the Lord was going to use her story. That she was made for so much more. She was nodding her head and had tears in her eyes. Every once in a while when she would close her eyes and start drifting, I said her name and asked her to look at me and she would. The Lord spoke to her about how much he loved her among other things and when I knew he was done, I got out a little book I felt led to bring. Then the nurse came in and said “visiting hours are over, I didn’t know you were in here.” Apparently, I had been with her for over an hour although time flew by so quickly that I wasn’t aware of it. I stood up and told her about the book and asked her to read it. She looked at me with smiling eyes and said “I will”. I left praising Jesus knowing the He just performed a miracle. She hadn’t spoken or responded until that moment. The next day more of the family attended church. After service I shared what happened with them and tears filled their eyes as they realized not only the healing miracle, but God’s heart for her. They said there’s no way you would have known all of that about her personality. Faith was rising up in them that God is absolutely real. I recognized that more miracles were taking place. Salvations were happening throughout this family. Her aunt told me that during service she got a message that the breathing tubes were being taken out. I went to visit her on Sunday after church and she was sitting up in her bed watching HGTV! Many of the tubes and wires had been removed and the family said her oxygen levels improved over 90% overnight. She was still gaining her strength, but now she was able to speak more. Slowly, but she was speaking. She kept saying how awesome God was. She couldn’t wait to get together for coffee and share our life stories with each other and talk about all of our ridiculousness. She said she always knew her life would be about recovery. Two days later, I visited her again and her speech and mobility of her arms is normal. There are many other details, but I had to record and share God’s Miracle.
— Anon