Do we live by empowering or dis-empowering beliefs?

I (Wendy) just came back from some great days in Baltimore. We ministered at churches and at a women’s retreat. It’s so exciting to see God move powerfully, and see transformation in peoples lives.

 I wanted to share some revelations on how our beliefs can either empower of dis-empower our lives. “Wendy, the supernatural is not something that happens to you, but it’s something you are”. This is what God told me when I asked for more of the supernatural in my life. This took me on a journey to believe and understand my position in the spiritual realm. I am a supernatural being, because I’m born of the Spirit! When we get into more unity with our beliefs and what God says about us, we will truly change things around us. Situations and atmospheres can’t stay the same when we bring hope, life, joy and peace wherever we go. The more in unity we are with the truth, the more weight our words carry in the spiritual realm.

In the bible, our words are called a sword. What is the purpose of a sword? The purpose of a sword is to kill. Who? Not the enemy, as many would think. He was defeated by Jesus Christ a long time ago. It’s our wrong beliefs that need to be killed by the sword of truth. Our lives are empowered by our beliefs, when we start to truly believe the truth of who we are in Christ. The reality that we are supernatural beings is an empowering truth. The spirit of your mind needs to hear something over and over again until it finally believes it. That’s why declaring the truth over and over again leads to a change in our belief system. Start declaring the truth of who God says you are, and start imagining  being the person He calls you to be.

Declaration for the day: “I am a supernatural being, led by Holy Spirit. My life overflows with life and peace, because my mind is submitted to my spirit."