Don't Apologize for Your Joy It is Your Strength

Feeling Guilty About Being Joyful

 There is so much pain in the world that it is easy to feel bad or uncomfortable about living joyfully. “After all,” we think, “how can I be happy when so many people are struggling?” Usually this conclusion comes from our own thinking, but sometimes it can result from “guilt trips” that others seemingly put on us if we are too happy. We need to recognize though that if we continually curtail our joy and optimism, we are robbing them and ourselves of a much-needed aspect of God’s nature.

People around us need us to possess joy. By being joyful ourselves, we are more able to set others free (and leave an inheritance of victory). Our breaking through the lies of the enemy will allow us to impart “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” (Isaiah 61:3). We will bring faith to a whole new level in the lives of those we touch.

Of course, there are times we need to be sensitive to the feelings of others and “weep with those who weep”, but we cannot let guilt hinder us from possessing outrageous joy for our lives. If we do, then we will be restricting our strength for our journey and our influence for Christ on others. Truly, biblical joy is a catalyst to breakthrough in the kingdom of God.

Declare: I am forgiven. God loves me. The resurrection and death of Jesus has made me worthy and deserving to be happy and blessed. I am sensitive to the needs and emotions of others around me, but I still move forward in rejoicing in the Lord. My joy increasingly breaks off spirits of discouragement and heaviness all around me.