Living From Your Spirit - Wendy Backlund

Today I want to share with you how to train your brain to live from your spirit. Our brains will interpret what it sees according to the filter of what it expects to see. There are several verses in the bible that talks about some have eyes to see, and some have not. What does God mean by that? 

When God started to speak to me about seeing in the unseen realm, I understood that I had to look with new eyes that were not filtered by the expected. I thought about the many times my spirit tried to tell me something that my brain filtered out as not being reality, only by having it confirmed by other Christians as being true. Scripture mentions that we must take heed "how" we hear (Luke 8:18). We must train our brain to receive from the Spirit and allow ourselves to trust what our spirit is sensing, hearing and seeing. We must lean on our spirit, which is a valuable sense that is as real as the other five senses we use. Unless we expect to see and hear from the unseen realm, then our experience will be limited to our limited expectation. In other words, our expectation will create the measure of our reception.

The first step into seeing in the unseen is to admit that we have a spirit that is aware of and has knowledge about a realm that our brain cannot see or hear. 

Often I will ask my spirit what it is sensing or seeing in a room. Our spirit is a powerful substance that becomes a force of light and revelation, so when I enter the room, I affect everyone around me, and it’s the same for you.

I think one of the reasons so many new Christians backslide is that we bring their spirit to life and then spend the rest of the time pretending that it does not exist. 

So the application I have for today is this:

Consider one area of your life that has become boring or passionless. Ask God what that area should look like once impacted by the supernatural, and ask God to teach you how to walk according to the spirit.