Testimonies - 2014 Believability School

The 3-day, annual Believability School with Paul Manwaring and Steve was held at the end of March this year. As we are prepping for this week's Abounding Hope and Joy Seminar, we are thinking back to that incredible event and wanted to share some testimonies from our time to raise your expectation of what is possible in gatherings like this!

We are praising God as we remember the incredible breakthroughs people received, radical mind-shifts, victory, healing and lots of laughter! Here are some of the reports we got back about individuals' experiences:

“When I received [some bad news], I stopped my mind from going to fear and said out loud, "I am so excited about what God wants to do!”

“Beliefs have been transformed!”

“I am so excited about taking hold of this and walking it out with Holy Spirit to see my own beliefs propel rather than block or stunt dreaming or believing God.”

“I am learning to worry with God.”

“At the Believability school I got healed of my digestion and food issues. I can eat food I have not been able to eat in years!  Praise God!!  I did not receive prayer for it specifically, but God has really been speaking to me about my thought life that it has power to create. During the conference the message from Steve and Paul just was a light bulb that when on in my head. And plus the 40 day negativity fast. Has really put me in a different place and a new level of empowerment to renew my mind and believe with in my heart and mind and mix that with my declarations and it will manifest. And that is what happened. God is so good!! And there is power to thinking thoughts of faith and trust in God and mixing that with declarations of His promises over our life!!”

We praise God for all of you who attended and these wonderful testimonies!