Learning to Live - Wendy Backlund

"Rather than learning how to die - it is time to learn how to live."
Let me ask you this - Are you spending more time trying "not" to do things, or are you focused on releasing the divine nature that's within you? Instead of focusing on dying to self, try thinking about what makes you come alive. 
For many years, my life was all about contentment and control, dying to self. My life, my voice and my actions were always contained so I could fit anywhere and be accepted. Because of this, I became nothing and did not attempt anything that might cause a failure. I thought success was "never failing". I certainly was not attaining the abundant life with this mindset. Little by little God helped release me from my self-containment. I started to lift my hands in worship, dance with joy, pray out loud and try new things. With every new outward action, a little more of me was being released. But the biggest breakthrough came one day when God said to me clearly: "Give my Spirit a voice". As soon as He spoke those words, something in me broke loose. I knew that in my desire to be invisible, I made Him invisible too! My shyness, fear of attention, and control was not my personality but the enemy taking away my voice and ability to reveal Jesus through me. I broke off the spirit of muteness and decided to give Him my voice. 
Before this experience I only tried to die to self. Then He began to teach me to come alive. As a result, my passion for Him increased, hope was restored and life begun to flow. After many years of trying to be nothing, I realized I didn’t know who I was. I asked God for help in this and He said to me, "Who do you want to be? Who you want to be is who you really are. That is why you want to be that way". 
Religion has generally made people feel that only godly occupation is something done within the confines of a church or mission field. Let's release Him into our workplaces, not just to witness or model character, but also to glorify Him with our talent. God wants to give His Spirit a voice; His voice is not just words, but it is sounds, actions, dance, art, and anything that expresses His creative and diverse presence. To do that we must come alive to what He has created us to be so that He is glorified, and we live a life of abundance!
So my question to you today is this:
What do you enjoy doing, and how can you glorify God through that? Who do you want to be? With this I don't mean titles or positions, but personality, gifts or talents. 
Rather than learning how to die - it's time to learn how to live. Declaration for the day: "God wants me to live and use the talents that bring me energy and fulfillment to my life".