He Sends Rain on the Just and on the Unjust: Cracks in the Foundation

He . . . sends rain on the just and on the unjust

The Context:

This is a quote from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount where He instructs us in our attitudes concerning our enemies, those who hate us, those who curse us and those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44-46). As sons, we are to follow the example of our Heavenly Father in loving and in “doing good” to the unjust in our lives. As we consider this, we must understand that this verse has often been taken out of context to define “rain” as negative life circumstances which supposedly happen equally to the believer and non-believer. 

The Positive:

Christians are called to be spiritual shock absorbers. We are called to absorb hatred and persecution in our environments through love, prayer and forgiveness. We are to “rain” down God’s goodness on those who are seemingly undeserving because God did that for us. Yes, we need boundaries in on-going relationships, but our blessing and praying for these difficult people will help create an open heaven for them to experience God (e.g. consider Saul’s conversion in Acts 9 who was forgiven by Stephen in Acts 7).

The Crack:

There will be a crack in our spiritual foundation if we misinterpret this passage and think the rain (referred to here) is negative circumstances. If we conclude this, we will develop a fatalistic view of life; and we will believe there is no difference in the level of blessing between believer and non-believer. This perspective will create doubt in prayer and faith; and will greatly hinder perseverance in seeing God’s promises manifest.

Concluding Thoughts:

Both the believer and unbeliever face challenges in this life, but the Christian has access to great protection from the rain of Satan’s “killing, stealing and destroying” (John 10:10). Jesus became a curse for us so that we could be offered the “blessing of Abraham” (Galatians 3:13,14). This blessing is received by faith, and increasingly manifests as we continue to abide in Him and His words continue to abide in us (John 15:7). 

Discussion Questions: 

1.  What truth stood out to you the most in this teaching?
2.  Why do many Christians believe there is no greater blessing on earth for the Christian than the non-Christian?
3.  What is the key for more kingdom blessings to manifest in our lives?

Speak these declarations aloud:

1.  I am increasingly walking in the blessings Jesus won for me on the cross.  
2.  I live under a supernatural protection. 
3.  Jesus became a curse for me so I could be blessed.