5 Core Values for Church Leader

In my upcoming book for church leaders, I am including more than 80 core values for church pastors and leaders. I want to share 5 with you today. These powerful mindsets are keys to changing challenging leadership situations into catalytic opportunities.

1. There is always a solution for every situation I face

This is one of the most important core values to have as a leader. It could be used in every scenario in this book, but we will remind you of it in situations which really need a hope upgrade. “Leaders are brokers of hope” (Napoleon Bonaparte). Somebody has to hope for transformation, change and breakthrough to occur. This core value is a hope anchor.  (I Corinthians 10:13, Luke 1:37, Matthew 17:20).

2. I strongly prioritize and protect my “secret place” times with the Lord

In Acts 6, the Apostles set the example for this by selecting deacons  so they could give themselves “continually to prayer and the ministry of the word” (Acts 6:4). I follow this emphasis for my own life. Even in seasons of busy-ness, I have creative strategies to keep my heart connection with God strong.

3. I pursue spiritual fathers and mothers that my team and I mutually respect to: help mentor us, help our relationships with one another, and help our ministry stay healthy

It is a great safeguard to have leaders from the outside who can give input to help in times of difficulty, to bring wisdom in decisions to be made, and to provide healthy accountability for the leadership team. I intentionally pursue these relationships. I “date” guest speakers relationally to see which of them could fulfill this fathering role. Once it is clear that someone is to serve in this role, I strategically invite them to come to our ministry on a regular basis.

4. I am more concerned about building people than I am concerned about building a ministry

I purpose to create an environment where people can thrive in life, ministry, family, and in the dreams they have in their hearts. I do not see those in my ministry as servants or slaves of my vision or the mission of the church. I certainly call people to a deep commitment to these things, but our ministry is a “launching pad” for people to grow in their gifts to influence society in incredible ways. 

5. I thrive in uncertainty, difficulty, and unresolved situations because I have a “word” from the Lord

The quality of my life depends on my identifying what God has spoken to me. I can put up with a lot of outward non-success if I know what God has promised and what He has directed me to do. I realize the foundation of my leadership is rooted in identifying what God has spoken to me. Matthew 4:4.

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