Negativity Fast Q&A

From e-mail and a live Twitter Q&A session with Steve, here is some recent Q&A surrounding the Negativity Fast, Joy, and Hope.

Q - We are planting a church. How can we cultivate a culture of joy and hope?

Steve - 1) Get the culture inside you and your key leaders first 2) Go through Igniting Faith in 40 Days as a church.

Q - Do you have any joy inducing one liners you can share?

Steve - 1) There is no convenient season to walk in joy - haha! 2) Joy is an optional fruit of the Spirit - haha!

Q - Steve, can you share a key to increasing your joy in the midst of frustration?

Steve - I stir up the promises of God, such as, "There is always a solution."

Q - How do you stay positive when everything seems to be going wrong?

Steve - 1) Feed on faith foo. 2) Partner with hope-filled people. 3) Believe that this, too, will pass.

Q - "Is it possible to use the things of God as a diversion from our own need for personal healing?" Please elaborate.

Steve - Yes. The message of hope and joy need to be partnered with a message of intimacy with the Lord and authenticity with people.

Q - How do you overcome the obstacles to having an authentic church culture?

Steve - 1) Know you are called there. 2) Think long term. 3) Build trust. 4) Model contagious Christianity. 5) Believe for wisdom.

Q - What do you find yourself saying to others when you are trying to pull them out of negativity?

Steve - 1) There is always a solution. 2) Here is a good devotional to read - Victorious Mindsets.

Q - What does fullness of Joy look like? 

Steve - Fullness of joy will look differently on different people’s lives. I do believe laughter will have some part in the expression in fullness of joy although it is not something that is necessarily experienced all the time as we walk in this fullness of joy. I am very joyful right now and I’m not laughing.

Q - How do I know if I’m experiencing fullness of joy?

When you are experiencing fullness of joy, you will see present circumstances through the eyes of hope, which is the confident expectation that good is coming. Joy and hope are linked together; it’s very difficult to have one without having the other. Romans. 15:13  says, "Now, may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope by the power of the holy spirit.

Q - If I receive promise for a certain situation that includes another person, even if I have faith, what about the free will of the other one ?

Although we may not be able to control the behaviors of others, our life can dramatically influence what happens to others. For instance, Acts 19 - aprons and handkerchiefs that were taken off of Paul caused healing on other people. They didn’t choose. It just happened. There was an influence that actually happened.

2 Sam. 6 - the ark of the covenant parked in Obed Edom’s yard. Obed Edom, in one sense, their free will was overridden for them to become blessed by the influence of the ark being there. We have something greater than the ark of the covenant parked in our heart; therefore, we can influence people dramatically and people will desire to do what they formerly didn’t desire to do in the positive because they’re around us.

We get into a little trouble if we are extremely specific on what we’re believing for. There’s definitely time to do that, but this is where the difference between hope and faith come in. Faith puts all it’s eggs in one basket; hope tends to believe that God has many options on how to do the same thing. I don’t focus as much on wanting a specific thing in my declarations.

If I create my identity out of a circumstance, I have to have that circumstance happen in order to be who I am or fulfill my destiny - then that’s a slippery slope into disappointment.

Q - How do you know when it’s time to process disappointment?

There are levels of disappointment. The level of your disappointment is going to determine the need to include other steps besides declarations. Have faith-filled, authentic people in your life help you determine the timing of you pursuing deeper ministry.

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Thank you to all who asked great questions throughout our Twitter and e-mail opportunities, and thank you to those who encouraged and responded to each other over Facebook. We declare new revelation over you on the power of hope, joy and beliefs.

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