Negativity Fast 2014 Testimonies

I did a 5 days fast just drinking juices to see how my body would respond to that. The first day I started I thought: "You'll not make it. Your self-discipline is not good enough for this. You love to eat way too much, etc." Instantly after these thoughts I realized that I was believing lies. So I forbid myself to not say any negative words (or thoughts) to myself over the 5 days fast. Then I said to God: "Okay now, I won't think negatively about myself. I will make this fast. And now it's your turn to help me through it!" I had a great time. Although I had to cook for my family and people kept telling me that they couldn't do what I did - I made it through. It was a great experience and I was proud of myself. Thanks Jesus!

– Maria

During the fast, I spoke with one of our daughters who is away at college, and as we were discussing a few family concerns, she contributes, "And let's just laugh at that!" And we both burst out laughing. For a prolonged time. Somehow that blew to smithereens the power of those concerns to harass and weigh down! Woke up refreshed and hopeful!

– Sherman

This book and devotions have some powerful truths that I've been speaking over my life and others for weeks now! I've had more laughter fits than I can count and joy has become my new spiritual name! Whenever I feel depression or loneliness creep on, I'm reminded that that's not who I am. I feel as if I'm at a spiritual peak, but God says that He has even more and higher levels coming my way and for my city!

– Stephanie

This awesome Fast is happening at a perfect time for me! (I'm sure many of us feel the same!) This is the last month for my husband and I pastoring in our current city after about 8 years of wonderful ministry. My brain is in such transition as we prepare to move back into full-time missions. Taking conscious effort to fast the negative and feast on the positive has been like swallowing a daily mighty-vitamin!!

– Stephanie

In 2011, my life was radically changed by Steve and Wendy Backlund, when I purchased a book: Igniting Faith in 40 days. 5/3/11. Sick with 2 auto immune diseases and severe allergies. 16 years- Hashimoto Thyroiditis and Lupus. High levels of ant-bodies attacking my body with arthritis and a beaten body. Stealing from me life!I fasted from negativity and God grew my faith as big as a mountain. I believe God used their book to help me get healed. In June, I suddenly was very sick. By July, the Rheumatologist said I was a hair away from death with a Lupus Crisis that made my body stiff as a log, abdomen distended like a bowel obstruction. But GOD!!!! I spoke life by reading the declarations and believing! See God took these people to write a book that would help me get healed 3000+ miles away!!! I was supernaturally healed of all disease. After 18 days, 17 doctors, I was supernaturally healed on 7-8-11 around 7-8 pm. (I was being prayed for by Bethel, people all over the globe, but through Global Awakening a group was sent by my sister, Zechariah 4, and miracles took place. As a rocket, I surged with power and my stomach sucked in powerfully as God pulled the plug!!! I breath and step in victory by my Papa loves me, for Christ lives in me and I release grace and glory everywhere I go!!!!

– Teresa

Today I missed my train and bus and had a long walk ahead of me. I decided to laugh, then sit by the roadside and eat my lunch. And then I went and stood and hitched a ride with people who turned out to be a wonderful old couple.

The old me would have whined and complained but having listened to and made my declarations, this day had no option but to be blessed! Best fast ever!!

– Mercy

Before a ministry session, the enemy tried to lie to me and say "today's ministry session is going to be a hard case." I laughed out loud. Is anything too hard for God? There are no hopeless cases. If I don't have hope for somebody, I shouldn't be ministering to them. There is always a solution and always a way out of bondage and oppression.

– Lenay

While driving to Church this morning I was refuting and laughing out loud at lies the enemy was trying to get me to believe. Lies like: I have nothing worthwhile to preach about, or that nothing supernatural will happen at church today, or it's just another Sunday. Then after doing an illegal U-turn at a set of traffic lights (because I was in a hurry - but no excuse), a policeman pulled me over. While I was waiting for him to issue me a fine, I realised in the situation I would normally be freaking out about, or cursing because I was going to have to pay a big fine, I was at peace, and still declaring God's goodness. In that moment I realised there had been a significant shift in my beliefs, positivity and Hope levels. My circumstances were not being dictated by my feelings, but by my beliefs in who God is, and who I am and what I have in Him. When our beliefs and hope levels shift - we are able to remain living in places of peace, rest and faith despite our external circumstances. Oh and the Police Officer came back, and said he was just going to issue me with a caution today! Thank you Jesus! Several lessons learned!

– Rob

My husband and I started the day with half an hour of laughing at lies we and some of our friends have been believing. It was powerful to have that much time to break down lies and replace them with the truth from God's word!

– Valerie

The revelation of this truth is revolutionising our lives and the lives of our friends! Wow! So grateful to Jesus!

– Claire

I just wanted to write and tell you of the awesome things that I experience every time I set myself on a negativity fast, which I did 2 times last year with heart and spirit. My heart is catapulted into the place of hope. I see all around me with eyes of compassion. I see relationships come to peace and restoration.  The blessings of God begin to outpour onto my life. I even feel better physically. Truly we can live this fast as a way of life, yes its true and with God's grace its possible. 


Praise Report! I've been contending for deliverance from high blood pressure for some time. After waking up with HBP symptoms at 4 a.m. recently, I was just fed-up with the harassment of the enemy and although I was doing everything I knew to do, I cried out to the Lord to show me if there is anything I needed to know or do that I was unaware of. The next morning was day 9 of the fast and God answered my prayer in Steve's daily email. I realized that I too believed that whenever I am growing spiritually that the enemy would attack me. When I read that God told Steve that was true but it was not the TRUTH, I had to ask myself why I believed that and realized that it didn't come from the Word of God. So I repented of believing that lie, replaced it with the truth that the same power that is mighty to save is also mighty to keep me from the assault of the enemy. Last night when I laid down to sleep, I knew something had changed, something had lifted, I had a great nights sleep and my blood pressure was down this morning!

– La Tanya

I would like to share what did just happened to me. About 45 minutes ago, God woke me up (it's 5 in the morning here in France). He began to give me several images about a specific situation, then I could hear in my mind these word "la foi agissante par l'amour" (faith working through love). I searched where this verse is and found it in Galatians 5.6. Then I read Galatians and I was encouraged more and more about giving up any references to law as a standard for my Christian life, but to stand more firmly in believing only in the justice coming through faith in Christ. After 45 minutes of reading, praying, thinking, I decided to have a look at the lent fast e-mail for today...(I received it In the middle of the night). And guess which verse is highlighted In this e-mail - Galatians 5.6! God is so amazing. I will never get used to his word!!

– Helene

Wow, the impact is far greater than I ever expected. The timing of this fast and the consistent reminders are changing my life. I guess the biggest surprise for me is how the Holy Spirit reminds me of the truth - so not as difficult to remember as I thought it would be.

– Shirley

A good friend of mine invited me to take part in this for Lent. I eagerly agreed, but wasn't sure it would "take" or change much in my life. See, I am currently going through a difficult divorce from a more than two decades marriage and it's been hard to find anything positive at all.

However, I've plugged away and read every day from Igniting Faith in 40 Days, creating private journal entries to apply the day's reading from my life. I've also started posting on my Facebook excerpts from my journal, to share with others.

Over the last 10 days, not only have I felt a tangible change in me and become more positive, I've been contacted by friends of mine who have told me I've inspired them, too. One or two of them are now taking part in this and a woman I know in the UK told me today she's now doing a daily Lent Journal to keep track of all the positive things in her life! This is SUCH an amazing event to take part in! It's changing my life!!!!!

– Nancy

I was having a terrible dream last night. It was very dark, I was with my sister and dark things were prophesying/ threatening some pastors we know. We were afraid! But, I turned to my sister and said to her; 'these things aren't going to happen, they are lies. We should laugh at them'. So we started fake laughing in the darkness, which turned to real laughing and it woke me up from this terrible dream with a smile on my face! Ha!

– Sarah

I have to tell you that before I began this fast I was so down about my life and feeling pretty hopeless...after the first 5 days I broke down and bought the book...these last three days God has shown up in BIG ways! My hope is being restored, my finances are being restored, I'm laughing and I'm feeling His presence again!

– Stephanie

Praise report! I do not have a smart phone and my children have transferred my music to my cell phone in the past. Well yesterday I decided I wanted to learn to do it myself and as I was doing it (under the close supervision of my daughter), all but three of my many songs DISAPPEARED! We've looked and looked, and they are gone so now I have to recreate my entire music list again. The miracle is that I didn't get upset, I even had thoughts like, "Well, I'll really learn how to do this myself now." and "I can update and organize my music better." For me, that's big change!

– La Tanya

I have been on the negativity fast since the fist of the year, and it has changed my life. I have by no ways arrived hahah but the Lord has cleansed my thoughts by His grace. He is so co-laboring with me on this, and I am happier and more balanced than ever. I believe that I supernaturally hear His wisdom in my ministry and work and I have begun to see atmosphere changes in my workplace, and supernatural breakthroughs in my ministry. I am so happy I can participate on this Lent fast with you all, It is a true blessing to be part of such beautiful thing. I am currently entering or already entered a new realm of faith in God. He has opened my eyes to step bravely forward and trust Him with my finances, or should I say His finances that flow in my life. I am understanding more the full work of the cross that has released 100% grace and provision and completeness into my life, and my children's life. I understand that I lack nothing, and my circumstances are a lie from the devil. Only my faith in truth In God's redemption reality in my life is VALID and REAL and worth focusing on. I love my life in Christ, such freedom and rest is has come to forever stay. This is only the beginning and my prayer is that this revelation becomes a living part of every cell of my and all of our being. He is so worthy to have the reward of His bride, beautiful in His rest, and supernaturally adorned with His faith and glory.

– Kirsi-Marja

BREAK THRU, SIGNS n WONDERS, jaw dropping MIRACLE!!!! As I've been working the components of this fast I started declaring health and restoration of body parts in Jesus name, over my son. On day 3, faith kicked in as I released his health to God. (I was always afraid to do this in fear that God would take him home - I'm not ready for that yet). He is severe cerebral palsy with respiratory complexities therefore has very little muscle tone which means he doesn't move much at all (apart from involuntary seizure movement) and is vulnerable to pneumonias. He is an incredible 5yr. old. He is on 24/7 oxygen, is wheelchair bound, and is fed/medicated through a tube in his stomach. Today, I sat my boy on my lap for a cuddle and he started to kick, n kick some more, n more. I checked and he was not in seizure. He continued to kick and jerk himself all over the place giggling up a storm for a good 15 minutes. Family members came in the room to marvel, what joy swept thru our house. Woooooo!!!

– Sue

Only four days in to this fast but what a difference this has made in my life! I feel lighter and more joyful. Today was the most challenging but I am motivated by the positive affect this is having.

– Missy

I was not looking forward to my child's IEP meeting in the afternoon. Felt like I was pushing back negativity out of sheer will. Well, it was the BEST IEP we've ever had. The teachers could not praise our child enough. His special ed teacher said she didn't know why it got better but his reading level rose 3 levels since last year!!!!! Rejoice with us!!!

– Kim

My husband and I are currently working thru the book, "You're Crazy If You Don't Talk To Yourself". BEST BOOK EVER! Just started our Declarations and already we are seeing the hand of God moving miraculously. Saved my daughter she hydroplaned in her car the other night, doing a 180 and ending up facing traffic only 10 inches from a concrete, hurricane proof power pole. Not a scratch on her! Praise God!

– Robyn

I was clinically depressed for many years. I became (almost) hopelessly addicted to prescription drugs. I say (almost hopeless) because if it were not for God who rescued me, I surely would have died. God rescued me and freed me from the bondage of addiction, but I was still depressed. As a Christmas gift, someone challenged us to a negativity fast – eliminating all things negative from our lives and saying these declarations every day. On the 39th day of the fast, in our group, the anointing fell powerfully on my friend. She broke depression off of me and declared, “This is the day that the Lord has made. You shall be glad and rejoice in it.” The depression left and has never returned! I have been saying these declarations every day for over a year – and I am no longer depressed!!! Depression is a distant memory!

– Anon