Q&A Fast Logistics

We have received some questions regarding the Negativity Fast e-mail lists and registration options; here are some answers! Contact fastandfeast@ignitinghope.com if you have more questions. :) Blessings!

1) I'm not receiving the e-mails yet; am I on the list!?

Be sure you received the confirmation e-mail, then YES, you are on the list. The DAILY e-mails begin February 17, 2015 (1 day before the fast). If it's not that date yet, you may not have missed anything.

2) Is Level 2 a one-time fee of $30?

Yes. To be a part of level 2, you pay $30 - one time. You will then have access to those 40 daily videos through till August 15! NOT because anyone gets behind on videos (let's just laugh at that), but because some people want to do the fast 2 or 3 times before their subscription runs out. This will allow ample time to do watch them again and again.

3) It was free last year. Why do we have to pay this year?

If you did the fast last year, and you want the same thing - it's STILL free! The difference is that we added MORE options and resources that were not available last year. What you are paying for in Level 2, 3, and 4 are things like books, videos, trainers, and podcasts (all resources that we did not have available to you last year).

Watch more info about registration options HERE on our YouTube.

4) What is a Beliefs Trainer? I want to know what I'm in for.

VIDEO ANSWER: Click here to hear Steve's heart behind Beliefs Trainers. 

VIDEO ANSWER: Click here to get an idea of how a beliefs trainer will work with you.

5) How do I overcome beliefs around areas that are still not changing, and it's very hard to be positive?

GOOD QUESTION! We get a lot of questions like these, and we want you to keep asking them, but due to them requiring a bit more response than a logistical detail, we have made the podcast feature of Level 2. Level 2 individuals can send in questions like this throughout the fast and Steve and Wendy will respond to as many as possible in a weekly Q&A podcast sent to Level 2, 3, and 4's. For those in Level 1, these questions are still valid, welcome, and needing response. Other blog posts and Backlund books address many of them - and we will continue to update the blog as much as possible and share more audio teachings that will address things of this kind.

6) If I already have the Igniting Faith in 40 Days book, can I have a discount on Level 2?

Unfortunately, we are maxed at how many registration options we can handle for this year. Level 2 comes as an entire package. If you already have the book and choose to purchase Level 2, we encourage you to gift your PDF to someone else.

7) How do I enter my phone number in the registration form? It's not accepting it.

There is a country code feature. Be sure to use the second box for your full phone number. See image below for help. 

We love communicating with you through the fast, and we have a team of people surrounding you in prayer. This group of people is hearing that in 2015's fast and feast, God is touching household situations, breaking down barriers of vulnerability, establishing new wineskins of thinking regarding joy in the body. He's repairing relationships and renewing visions and dreams. People are getting unstuck this year! Be blessed, in Jesus name!