Quotes from Victorious Mindsets

Here are some key quotes from the book, Victorious Mindsets:

  • The enemy of our souls hopes we will limit our ministry to the times when we feel anointed.
  • We will know that our repenting in an area of life is complete when we consistently have glistening hope, based on revelations of God’s goodness.
  • We do not go forward by looking backward. We are not called to fix an old life but to find a new life.
  • “Steve, how you relate to your leaders will ultimately be how your followers will relate to you when you lead.”
  • Ministry does not primarily come from what we know. It comes from who we are.
  • Satan “steals, kills and destroys” (John 10:10) because of our ignorance, not because he is powerful.
  • We are not transformed by just reading the Bible, but by having our minds renewed with its truths.
  • Our ministry of life to others is not giving information, but it is imparting grace for them to become victorious in what we have overcome with greater ease.
  • My wife and I started an experimental group a year ago called “Mediocre Anonymous.”

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