I Spoke 100 Declarations a Day...And Here's What Happened

I Spoke 100 Declarations a Day...And Here's What Happened

by Steve Backlund


Where it All Began

In the 90s, I remember finding a cassette tape by Joyce Meyer where she talked about writing ten declarations of truths and promises God had given her. She spoke these declarations morning and night and they all came true in her life. I said, "I'm going to try that." I did, and it changed my beliefs, and then my life as well. I can say from personal experience that changing what I intentionally spoke was instrumental in breaking off my self-limiting beliefs. 

My own personal transformation launched me into a spiritual "experiment" with the Lord on the power of speaking life through declarations. I wondered, "What could happen in our lives as we declare truth over our destinies? What could happen in our cities as we speak life over them? In our nations?" 

Experimenting with Declarations

Overjoyed with what I had just experienced, and in full experimentation-mode, I set out to discover more about what makes declarations (that is, intentionally speaking life and biblical truth out-loud) so powerful, and how to make this powerful tool accessible and practical to the Body of Christ.

One of my primary, crucial discoveries was this – 

The power in making faith-filled, biblical declarations to dismantle a lie from the enemy is found in the amount of declarations we speak. 

Rather than simply declaring a few truths a day in times of trial or even reading a powerful list of declarations and never speaking them aloud, I've found that speaking massive doses of life (hundreds of declarations a day for several days) over an area where you're believing a lie not only disempowers the lie, but helps establish a new stronghold of truth in its place.

The Declarations Clicker

After this realization, I decided to take my experiment even further. Elijah Stephens, a friend of our ministry, shared a revelation with me that he'd received from the Lord about using a tally counter to count your daily declarations. He found in his own experimentation with declarations that using a tally counter challenged him to hit a certain number of declarations everyday and encouraged him to speak many more when he could tabulate his progress.

Plus, we've heard that a physical act, like clicking a tally counter, every time you speak a truth has the power to reinforce that truth being spoken into your mind. (We've since created a tally counter specifically for declarations through Igniting Hope called the Declarations Clicker for this, listed below).

So, I grabbed a tally counter of my own and challenged myself to speak 100 declarations a day for a month to see what what would happen when I intentionally spoke massive doses of life. I was amazed to see specific things I declared over myself, my leadership, and my ministry begin to happen before my eyes, all through partnering my speech with God's truth and what He wanted to do.

declarations testimonies

This experience launched the idea of our ministry's 30 Day Declarations Experiment, a challenge to the Body of Christ to speak at least 100 biblical declarations a day for 30 days and observe what happens in and through your life. This year, our third annual 30 Day Declarations Experiment starts on June 1! Registration is now open, so scroll below to learn more and sign up.

I have taught on declarations for years and have heard testimony after testimony of how adding this habit into your life has been transformational to all kinds of people. I'm so convinced of the power of declarations to renew minds with truth, unlock destiny, and release people into lasting breakthrough.

To ignite your faith on the power of speaking declarations, here's some testimonies we've received over the years:

       “During the summer, I helped a farmer at her vineyard in Germany. We heard news of the cherry fruit flies invading and destroying crops creating much damage in the neighbourhood. She believed in Jesus but not the supernatural. After hearing Steve and Wendy talk about the power of our words, I suggested we make positive declarations about her crop being the best one yet and no cherry flies touching her vineyard. When it was time for harvest, her mom said it was the best quality of grapes they had received in years! She called is a ‘miracle’. No flies touched her crop and nearly no rotten grapes.  My friend said ‘This was clearly the Lord. He held His hand over our fields’. She is now more confident when praying in faith. Thank you for your message! Its changing mindsets, lives, and communities!"

– Gerald

      "I am an owner of an investment company and over the past few months we've been running into some pretty significant issues that seemed unable to fix. When Steve was in Germany, he shared on his core value of believing 'There is always a solution.'  Steve declared over me 'He makes a way when there seems to be no way.' I continued to recite, 'There is always a solution,' I had the revelation that God makes a way and can create a solution that had never previously existed. And guess what? God responded! I have just confirmed that an idea I received from the Holy Spirit during prayer time will actually work and not only a temporary fix but build on the business as well. I am so amazed! Thank you."

– Jason

      "I have a dear friend that lost her husband recently at a young age. A couple of weeks ago quite a lot of mice also took up residency in her home. She said that since her husband died she had been sleeping well realizing that many people are continuing to pray for her, but since the mice moved in, she wasn’t sleeping at all. I began to speak declarations over her house and property that it would be a 'rodent-free zone.' It sounded so funny, but I encouraged her to go in and clean up any droppings that she saw so that she would know that they had left the building. After following my advice, my friend called to say there were no more rodent signs anywhere in her house! This has built my faith (and hers) to keep making declarations. This was a huge deal for my friend as the enemy was using these rodents to attack her peace as she is walking through her grief.  Thank you for all your teaching on making declarations!"

– Jennifer

      "I have been making positive declarations over my life and my family since being in Steve’s church leadership class at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I have witnessed signs and wonders around me before but they have been mainly outside of me, but since I have been in his class, I have noticed a sign and wonder – a supernatural transformation WITHIN me. It has taken place in my mind and the way I think. I started off by declaring the list of declarations that we were given by Steve. From this, I have noticed a dramatic shift in my thinking and then saw the manifestation of the fruit of this transformation in my family relationships this Christmas!

My first few days home this Christmas, my mom and I had a conversation where I could feel a familiar tension. I thought, "Oh no, here we go again," but then immediately heard the declaration "the past does not dictate the future." Bam! It shook me out of what I was feeling and I realized Holy Spirit was calling me to make some declarations over my family in that moment. That afternoon, I realized a new freedom had come upon me. I felt the atmosphere begin to shift in the house from tension to unconditional love. My mom and I (and the rest of the family too) had what I believe was the best Christmas we have ever had together. I bought my mom Steve’s book on declarations and shared with her and some other family members about the supernatural breakthrough I experienced as a result of Steve’s teaching. She is totally on-board and is now experiencing breakthrough in her relationships as well!"

– Mary

      "I have been called to be an actress and minister the love of God on people in the entertainment industry. I’ve been plagued by terrible anxiety in my auditions and believing that I am not a good actress. I recently heard Steve speak and had never heard a message on renewing my mind before. I realized my belief about myself was sabotaging my auditions and career on film and television. I began to declare out loud over myself who God called me. I have since encountered a new peace in my life and mind shift that I have the best auditions and people feel God’s love radiating from me. Thank you for shifting the course of my destiny with this message. I declare those who are called to Hollywood will encounter this powerful message of truth!"

– Simone

Registration for our 2018 30 Day Declarations Experiment, starting June 1, is now OPEN! Click the button below to learn more and sign up!

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Steve Backlund was a senior pastor for seventeen years before joining the team at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in 2008. Steve is a leader developer, joy activist, a revivalist teacher, and as Senior Associate Director, is a key part of the Global Legacy (a ministry of Bethel Church) leadership team. He travels extensively throughout the world encouraging churches and leaders and has authored a number of books.

For more, check out Steve's iTunes podcast, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.