Lifestyle of Positivity: Testimonies After the Fast

God never stops moving even after we choose to fast negativity! Here are some powerful 'Before & After' follow up stories from fasters that are continuing to be transformed by the power of positivity!

Breakthrough in Employment & Finances

I have been unemployed for the past 8 months. I have been applying to hundreds of jobs and not even getting any interviews for work. My wife decided last week to join the Negativity Fast/Positivity Feast. Shortly after we made this decision the phone started ringing for interviews. I received two calls, and a third one the next day! When I began to feast on positivity the Holy Spirit began to move quickly in response to my commitment and so many doors started opening!

Shortly after receiving calls for job interviews (only a day after my wife and I decided to do the Negativity Fast), I received a job offer for a management position and am currently employed! It is the perfect fit!
– Barnabas


Breakthrough in Self Worth & Love


I have struggled with receiving or feeling loved by people my entire life, even by my family. I never really felt loved by my mother or father and as a result I carried that into all my relationships. This fast is teaching me to love and accept myself and to see myself as God see's me.

A week ago I had an encounter with the Lord that has changed my life. It feels as thought I am a brand new me! I have been saved and in church most of my life but never this! This fast has helped me change my thoughts and beliefs and I now have deep feelings of hope for the future!
– Mary

Breakthrough in Walking by Faith

When I started the Negativity Fast I realized I had a fear that bad things were about to happen in my life and all the good things would be stolen. Within the first few days I started making declarations and laughing at lies and am becoming more aware everyday on the power of my thoughts.

By the end of the Negativity Fast I can now fully say with confidence that I have put my faith in God's promises and not fear of the unknown. I am experiencing a new freedom and fullness in Christ with every new day. I am intentional about choosing joy in all circumstances and seeing His goodness in everything I do!
– Joanne