Igniting Hope Beliefs Training

Welcome to Level 4 of the Negativity Fast & Positivity Feast!


Thank you for registering for Level 4 of this year's fast and feast, which includes 2 x 30-minute Skype sessions with an Igniting Hope Ministries Beliefs Trainers.

What is Beliefs Training?

We believe that no one wants “flabby beliefs” or bad beliefs, so we developed Beliefs Trainers who will partner with you to create a plan to work on your beliefs, much like a physical workout trainer. Beliefs Trainers will help you discover and focus on which beliefs to work on through the Negativity Fast. They will help you with various tools taught through Igniting Hope to renew your mind and increase the effectiveness of establishing new, positive, healthy beliefs.

Form Instructions:

Please fill out the informational form below to help us connect you to a Beliefs Trainer on our team and learn more about you and your goals. Be sure to click the orange "Submit" button at the bottom of this page once you've completed the form. You should hear from your Beliefs Trainer within the first week of the Negativity Fast (beginning March 1).

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