5 Attitudes for Leaders to Position Ministries for Word and Spirit Encounters

These values are taken from my book, Help! I'm a Pastor. This book includes 80 life and leadership core values.

1. The ministry I lead inspires people to love the Bible and to read it consistently.

We create a contagious love for the Bible (1 Peter 2:2, Acts 17:11).

2. I equip our people with the basic principles of how to interpret the BibleI prioritize helping people personally connect with God.

One aspect of this is to train them with the tools to know how to interpret scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

3. I purposely do not overly plan meetings, so there will be an increased likelihood of a “suddenly” of God happening.

I realize being constantly rushed to get things done in meetings limits what the Holy Spirit could do in the way of miracles, prophecy, and in other ways. I intentionally leave room for a “suddenly” to happen in my meetings (I Thessalonians 5:19, Luke 24:49).

4. I live and demonstrate the gospel supernaturally as a model for others.

I will not be satisfied simply with good programs and well-crafted messages, but I will lead the way to see the Book of Acts become a growing reality in our midst (1 Corinthians 2:1-4, Mark 16:17-18).

5. I create opportunities for those in my church to encounter God in powerful ways.

I proactively plan happenings in our schedule, which increase the likelihood that people will encounter God in significant ways. I also personally stay hungry for these fresh encounters. I believe one encounter with God can often do more than years of teaching and counseling (Acts 1:4, 4:31).