5 Attributes of Powerful Married Leaders

1. We have a lifestyle of practicing presence that nurtures and protects our covenant.

What we did intuitively during those pre “I do” days, we now have to do intentionally. Daily – being present, being face to face, and being still – practicing presence. A minimum of 15-20 minutes of meaningful and heart-felt connection and communication protects our relationship and keeps the power on in our affection.

2. We give the best of ourselves, first to our spouse and family; this positions us for blessing.

Leaders with power-filled marriages don’t give left overs to one another. Placing my spouse and family before ministry and “the church” is God’s Divine order and releases His blessing; true spiritual power flows through Divine order. Power in ministry results by placing God as our first priority, followed by our spouse and family. Private victories in this area position us to influence our leadership team and church community toward happy andsuccessful marriages, families, and ministry.

3. We see one another from Heaven’s perspective, positioning our hearts to receive the gift of who our spouse is.

In the course of daily life, stuff happens that can easily cloud and confuse our vision of one another, and we may quickly forget the amazing person we married. Setting our minds to unlock the greatness in each other requires living present-future and seeing one another from Heaven’s perspective.

4. We create a super-highway of connection through life-giving communication.

Every time we choose to release the power of Heaven through words of life we strengthen our connection. Developing skill in both listening and articulating, with a heart to understand, sets us up for a win-win in communication.

5. We practice generosity, an active demonstration of love.

Choosing to offer or to give sets in motion a reciprocity of generosity in our marriage and family. Ahava, “love” in Hebrew, down to each letter, has meaning and defines its essence. The root of Ahava is Hava, which literally means to offer or to give. Jesus modeled this type of generosity anddemonstrated His love in offering and giving. Every time we are generous and water the needs and desires of our spouse, our life is made rich (Proverbs 11:25 NKJV).

Contributors: Steve and Lorraine Box

Authors, teachers, equippers and catalysts.
Over 30 years experience in church leadership.
They carry incredible revelation on Connection, Communication, and Presence.

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