5 Common Lies Leaders Face (and a Declaration to Take Its Place)

1.  I am the only leader in the world who feels dishonored by those they lead. Ha ha!

The classic, "I'm the only one!" lie. Whatever you are facing, you can be sure you are not alone. For this one particularly about honor, declare this, "I live a life of great honor which causes the people of our church to honor everyone including me."

2.  Our church must not be a safe place if there is conflict. Ha ha!

Here is a great declaration for a pastor facing a conflict with people in the church, "I consistently turn conflict into Kingdom growth for others and myself."

3.  The only way I can be respected is if my people think I do not have any weaknesses –Let's give an extra laugh at that! Ha ha!

Leaders, say this, "My humility and transparency is a powerful aspect of my ministry. I have wisdom for what to share and not share."

4.  As long as a person is anointed in a church service, it does not matter what choices or attitudes they have outside of the ministry setting. Ha ha!

Here is a powerful belief, "I process information given to me about others in a healthy way. I have and give away keys for success in everyday life.

5.  If someone isn’t happy with my preaching, I must be doing something wrong. Ha ha!

Here is a good focus for us today, "I am committed to a life-long personal growth plan, including my preaching and teaching."