5 Keys for Creating and Leading an Empowering Culture in Your Ministry

1. I lead a culture of radical encouragement. I lead the way in encouraging others.

I do so by giving specific thanks regularly to people. Our leadership spends time encouraging and prophesying over each other. I even find ways to encourage people with “issues,” because I know everyone’s negative qualities are positive qualities out of whack. Hebrews 10:23-25.

2. I pursue “buy-in” from leaders and key people involved before making a big decision.

In every situation possible, I have important people be in on the decision making process, instead of me telling them what the decisions are. I realize when someone “buys in” to where I am leading (they have felt they have been part of the decision making process and concluded with leadership on the course of action to be taken), it increases the likelihood of success and decreases the likelihood of relational problems in the future. Acts 11.

3. I am more concerned about building people than I am concerned about building a ministry.

I purpose to create an environment where people can thrive in life, ministry, family, and in the dreams they have in their hearts. I do not see those in my ministry as servants or slaves of my vision or the mission of the church. I certainly do call people to a deep commitment to these things, but our ministry is a “launching pad” for people to grow in their gifts to influence society in incredible ways.

4. I tell those I lead who they are, much more than I tell them what to do.

It is very difficult for people to do what they don’t believe they are; therefore I spend more time telling them who they are in Christ, than I tell them what to do as Christians. I believe those in my ministry are saints, not sinners. Because of that, I believe they are prone to do what is right instead of what is wrong.

5. I seek first to listen and understand before I seek to be heard and understood.

I am committed to understanding the people in my life. I am a great question asker, and I make sure I can communicate effectively the feelings of others before I share mine. James 1:19-20, Proverbs 18:13.

We bless you as leaders who live from core values and lead empowering cultures in your ministry. We believe this generation of pastors is the most empowering group of Fathers and Mothers the world has ever seen. Be encouraged and filled with peace today.

Blessings, Steve