5 Keys to a Happy Church Leadership Team

1. Be present.

With all the distractions available to us through computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., it is easy to miss important pieces of information about people if you are present somewhere else. Either be present with people or be present with your device. Making time to separate the two will bring people closer and communicate value.

2. Get to know them - not just about them.

I can tell you all the stats for the years Troy Aikman was quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but that doesn't mean that I know him. We often mistake information about someone for relationship with them. If you know what your employee does for you, but have no idea what their spouses name is or how many kids they have, then you have some work to do. You are not invading their privacy, but for the most part people want to be known. Take time to connect on a personal level without talking about work.

3. Create a culture of communication.

The culture of happy is often determined by the culture of communication. If your team does not feel like they can have a voice or opinion that is different than yours without paying a price, then you don't have a team. Investing in your communication through things like conflict resolution training and believing the best about others will greatly increase the level of happy.

4. Celebrate Progress and Not Perfection.

With such a demand on our lives, it is easy to get so focused on completing a goal that you require perfection and getting it done fast and without error. The problem with this thinking is nothing is "perfect." Requiring perfection shuts people's creative capacity down and creates anxiety. Celebrate steps of progress and decide that failure is actually another word for learning.

5. Exchange control for empowerment.

Leave control and judgment at the door. People react to control but respond to empowerment. When you set your team up to have authority to match responsibility, you will see productivity and creativity soar. Empowered people are happy people.

Contributor: Julie Mustard

BAM itinerate minister, speaker, author.
Bethel short term missions director.
2014 Pastor's Conference breakout session speaker