5 Phrases to Release Life and Strengthen Relationships

1.  I am proud of you.

Many people never hear these words. When a pastor or leader says, “I am proud of you for _________,” it helps meet a deep need in people’s hearts.

2.  I am so glad you are on my team.

Don’t take for granted whom God has given you.

3.  I need you.

These words are powerful. They are even stronger when we get specific. “I need your ability to release the supernatural in my life and in this ministry.”

4.  I really admire you for ___________".

I really admire the way you love people,” or “I really admire how faithful you are to worship.” It is powerful when we get specific.

5.  I am committed to helping you reach your dreams.

Our ministry is to build people and release them into their God given purposes. When we encourage people’s dreams and come up with ideas and opportunities to make them happen, we will increase our heart connections with those we lead.

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