5 Ways Associate Pastors Rock Their Role

1. They understand the mission.

You can’t be in sub-mission if you don’t know the mission! Great associates “get” where their church or organization is going. The Senior Leader has communicated the big picture and the Associates understand their function in helping achieve the vision and goals of their leader.

2. They cultivate their own team.

Like the Centurion in Matthew 8, because they’re under authority, they have great authority. They understand this isn’t a solo gig – teamwork is the key!  They are growing in their own leadership by reproducing themselves in their team.

3. They know they are gifted to serve.

That’s how Peter describes it in 1 Peter 4:10. Associates are supernaturally gifted and anointed to serve.  There’s grace and power available from heaven to help them accomplish their leader’s goals.

4. They see themselves in a win-win situation.

When we serve someone else, their anointing is available to us – Matthew 10:41.  Great associates understand that when they serve the vision of their leader, they have access to their leader’s anointing and gifting.

5. They know their identity isn't found in what they "do".

In order to be truly successful, great associates serve as sons and daughters of the King!  Their identity is rooted in relationship, and because of that, they are secure, powerful, and effective.

Contributor: Carl Richardson

Incredible husband, dad and grandfather.
Steve Backlund's first intern through Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.
Carl served as a Revival Group Pastor for several years and now helps oversee the first year program.
2014 Pastors Conference Breakout Speaker