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A life-changing 30 Day Declarations Experiment! Join us and challenge yourself to speak at least 100 declarations over your life every day for 30 days...and watch what God does in your life. 


June 20-July 19, 2016


1) Sign up for Level 1 or Level 2 below.

2) Starting on June 20 through July 19, speak at least 100 biblical declarations over your life every day.

3) After these 30 days, if you'd like to share with us what happened during your experiment, we welcome you to contact us at info@ignitinghope.com. This experiment has produced some of the most encouraging testimonies our ministry has received. We're confident God is preparing to move powerfully in you and through you in these 30 days.


Declarations Experiment – LEVEL 1 – Free

Sign up with your name and email below, and starting June 20, you'll begin receiving weekly emails with tools, tips, and encouragement about the declarations experiment.

Optional Level 1 Resources:

 To maximize your mind renewal in these 30 days, we recommend purchasing a few optional declarations resources, below. 

Declarations Experiment – LEVEL 2 – $49+

Level 2 is for those who are passionate about investing in radical, personal breakthrough. They are hungry for growth and are mind renewal champions! 

Level 2 of the experiment includes:

  • Weekly emails with tools and tips about making declarations
  • Weekly podcasts from Steve Backlund
  • Checklist for utilizing all of the resources listed below

*NOTE: Level 2 is $49 for the cost of the new "Declaring Life" video series, plus the cost of the two required books below, unless you already own these books. 


  • Declaring Life video series – downloadable immediately
  • Declarations: Unlocking Your Future – PDF, ebook, or paperback
  • You’re Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself – PDF, ebook, or paperback

Click the links below to purchase the Declaring Life video series and the required books. Please note that you must purchase the video series to participate in Level 2, but if you already own the Declarations and You're Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself books, you do not need to purchase them again.


Optional Resource: Tally counter

Click the button below to purchase a tally counter ("clicker") to help you tally your declarations during the experiment from Amazon.

If you'd like to donate to Igniting Hope Ministries, for a minimum donation of $30, we will send you an Igniting Hope clicker as shown to the right. Email Heidi at heidi.obrien@team.ibethel.org if you're interested. Hurry, as a limited number of these clickers are available!



Q: What are declarations and are they biblical?

Declarations are faith statements about what is true, regardless whether it is in our experience yet or not. The nature of faith is to believe something believe something before you see it or experience it. Declarations are one way to walk in faith. Romans 10:17 says, "faith comes by hearing." We make declarations to dismantle strongholds based on lies and to establish belief systems based on truth that will make us free (John 8:32).  The worlds were framed by a declaration in Genesis 1. In Luke 4, Jesus started his ministry with a declaration by quoting Isaiah 61:1-3. We don't make declarations to convince other people of what is true but we make them to convince ourselves. Declarations are one of the most practical ways to renew our minds according to Romans 12:2. 

Q: I'm new to this teaching on declarations. What level should I sign up for?

Anyone can sign up for either Level 1 or Level 2. We recommend Level 2 for the maximum experience for you, but Level 1 will also be very powerful.

Q: What if I already own the Declarations book and/or You're Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself in paperback or eBook? Do I need to buy them again to do Level 2 of the experiment?

No, if you already own any of the required products for Level 2 of the experiment, you don't need to re-purchase them. However, as the Declaring Life video series is a brand new product and a key aspect of Level 2, you will definitely need to purchase the video series to participate in Level 2.

Q: What kind of declarations should I make during these 30 days?

If you are unfamiliar with declarations, we recommend that you start with Steve's Daily List of Declarations or the list of 75 biblical declarations. 

Q: I'm having a hard time making 100 declarations a day. Any tips?

We have found that having a tally counter ("clickers", as we often call them), is a great motivational tool for making many declarations a day. Also, we suggest you find one other person to partner with for this experiment. 

While some may want to write out their declarations, you do not have to write a list of 100 declarations. The goal is to speak God's truth out of our mouths on a more regular basis and increase in it daily. Here are some strategies for increasing your declarations.

  1. Catch negative thoughts that come to your mind, and turn them to a positive declaration. Every time you do, push the clicker if you have one (Learning to replace lies with truth is key to mind renewal).
  2. Read our declarations list found on our website. There are only 22. Read it repeatedly. Look for more declarations on the blog throughout the month.
  3. Repeat declarations that are meaningful to you. It’s ok to repeat yourself. In fact, sometimes declaring the same thing over and over again is the key to permanent transformation. The goal is to change the way you think, and release God’s kingdom with your words - not to be original.
  4. Say as many as you can think of. Continue to say “and” after you complete each phrase. This is one trick we have found that “gives God something to work with” as we trust Him to supply the next phrase.
  5. Declare through Scripture. As you read, turn promises into personal declarations and say it aloud.

Q: How do I tell you about what God did after the 30 days are up?

After July 19, just email us at info@ignitinghope.com, write "Declarations Experiment Testimony" in the email subject line, and tell us what happened. We declare that you're going to write us with the greatest testimonies of breakthrough we've ever heard!