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"Nothing happens in the Kingdom unless a declaration is made."

Believers everywhere are realizing the power of declarations to empower their lives. You may have wondered, "What are declarations and why are people making them?" or maybe, "Aren't declarations simply a repackaged 'name it and claim it' heresy?" 

Steve's book, Declarations, answers these questions and more. In addition to 30 days of powerful devotionals, Declarations includes: 

  • 30 biblical reasons why we make declarations
  • Answers to 6 common objections to the making of declarations
  • Declarations for 30 areas of life
  • Offering readings used at Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Get ready for a 30-day journey of biblical truths and powerful declarations that will convince you that life truly is in the power of the tongue.



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This book is a rich training manual in the power of declarations. If you want an upgrade in your spiritual walk then get this book and apply the principles and begin to release these declarations over your life. Then hang on to your seat, because you will forever be changed.
— Trent Hodson
“Steve and his team have put together a ‘must have’ book for understanding and releasing declarations over your life. This book is comprehensive, easy to read, very practical, and an excellent resource, which every Christian should have as part of their toolkit for effective Kingdom living.”
— Rob Feeney