Level 2 Registration

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Level 2 Registration


For those seeking a more guided educational experience during the 30 Day Declarations Experiment, this year, we're offering LEVEL 2!

Level 2 of the 30 Day Declarations Experiment includes:

  • Daily declarations reminder email (with two of the weekly emails focused on declarations teaching)

  • 30 Day Declarations Experiment checklist

  • Declarations book by Steve Backlund in PDF

  • You’re Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself book by Steve Backlund in PDF

  • A declarations-focused weekly podcast from Steve

  • Several topical declarations lists from Igniting Hope Ministries (i.e. declarations for healing, finances, relationships, etc.)

In addition to a Level 2 registration, we recommend participants purchase an Igniting Hope Declarations Clicker or some tally counter to tabulate their 100+ declarations each day.

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