"LIFE is in the power of the tongue," (Proverbs 18:21). 

What will happen if you declare 100 biblical truths a day for 30 days?


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The 30 Day Declarations Experiment is a challenge to the Body of Christ to experiment with God on the power of intentionally speaking life and truth.

We're challenging believers to speak at least 100 biblical declarations a day for 30 straight days from June 1 to June 30. We're dedicating the month of June to declaring truth and observing what happens in and through our lives as a result of becoming radical life-speakers.


Registration is now open! You can join the 2018 30 Day Declarations Experiment by signing up at one of two levels of participation:

LEVEL 1 (free) – Receive two emails per week with declarations teachings from Steve Backlund and keys on how to successfully make 100 declarations a day for 30 days.

LEVEL 2 ($15) – Receive the two declarations teachings emails per week (same as Level 1) along with:

  • A daily reminder email during the 30 days

  • Declarations Experiment daily checklist

  • Declarations book by Steve Backlund in PDF

  • You’re Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself book by Steve Backlund in PDF

  • A weekly podcast from Steve Backlund on declarations

  • Over 1,000 declarations on various life topics like pursuing physical healing, personal finances, relationships, and evangelism.

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Declarations Clicker

This tally counter is a powerful and practical tool to help you tabulate declarations. Bill Johnson has said that "physical obedience brings spiritual release." Many have found that the physical act of clicking a tally counter while speaking declarations dramatically increases faith in the truth being spoken.

Scroll below to watch a brief video of Steve Backlund sharing about what a Declarations Clicker can add to your 30 day experiment.

Declarations: Unlocking Your Future

Nothing happens in the Kingdom unless a declaration is made. Declarations answers these questions and shares 30 biblical reasons for declaring truth over every area of life. The revelation this book carries will help you to set the direction your life will go.

This book PDF is included in Level 2, though we know many prefer to read a paperback copy.

a Notebook

Grab an old notebook, spring for a new one, or open your favorite notes app on your phone and record your observations throughout the 30 days.

Make the most of this experiment by intentionally observing and recording what what is happening in your heart and circumstances as a result of your declarations.


How to Use the Declarations Clicker

Watch this introductory video from Steve below about using the Declarations Clicker to enhance your 30 Day Experiment.


Contact us at info@ignitinghope.com.

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