Declarations Experiment Testimonies


Read these testimonies we've received from Declarations Experimenters in 2016. We speak increase over what God has begun in your lives and say "do it again, Lord!" to all who are reading these and need encouragement today. Bless you!

Testimony with Kids

“At bedtime, my 6 year-old has been asking to speak the declarations with me, which is a testimony in and of itself. One night as we were doing them, I felt led to ask the kids to ask Jesus for pictures. My son was getting picture after picture and Jesus was telling Him the meaning. It felt like wisdom from Solomon. This has changed our expectation for night time with my kids. My son is more excited about reading the Bible and even believing Jesus than ever before. Also, my kids got sick last week and instead of going into doubt and hopelessness I have been declaring and believing truth, and Jesus has totally shifted my mindset on sickness. I am seeing peace manifest in our entire home and even in friends around us. I now have hope for my family and my circumstances. Peace is leading my life.”

Major Life Shifts

“Since I’ve been a part of the Declarations Experiment, I have overcome some stubborn fears in my life and Papa has given me continuous encounters that have healed my heart, mind, body, and soul. Now, when I have had a tough day I praise the Lord and declare truths. I’ve found that as I take authority over lies, I experience a tangible shift the next day. Faith and hope have been present in a whole new way in my life since declaring truths and promises over myself and my family! Throughout this journey, I’ve experienced financial breakthroughs, healing in my relationships with my family, and healing in my mind and body. Thank you, Lord, for the power of declaring your truths!”

New House Released – There is always a solution

“My son and his family needed a new house. He was recently married, living in one state, and his step-daughter was attending school across the river in another state. This is against the rules of the school district and they needed to move before the end of the summer or they would be heavily fined. But in every search for a new home, they encountered major challenges. Nothing seemed to work out, so my husband and I continued to declare over them, “There is always a solution.” Last Friday, my son and his wife got a call from a realtor. They looked at a house Saturday morning, put an offer in at noon, and had the home by that evening. They will be in their house by August 1, just in time for school to start.”

Depression and negativity lifted

“I was feeling depressed, as some things weren't working out in my life, and I have been procrastinating a bit on other things. I decided to go for a walk to change my attitude. I started out feeling lazy, unproductive, and was complaining to God when I remembered that I get to speak the opposite: I am a overflowing with God's love, highly motivated, and an overcomer. It quickly encouraged me and changed my mood, and made my two walking laps even more worth it! Praise God!”

Declaring Prophetic Words

“I started speaking declarations this morning with Steve's book, Declarations, and as I began randomly declaring truths, I realized how many of these truths were already true in my life since we have been practicing the things Steve and Wendy have deposited in us for the past six years. I decided to pull out some old prophetic words and start declaring them. I was so overjoyed to re-read these words we had forgotten about that were spoken over us, that always seemed impossible to believe. These prophetic words are alive and stirring fresh hope in us as we let our ears hear them again. I looked at our declarations clicker afterwards and it was at 116! I encourage you to begin declaring your prophetic words over yourself!” 

“Within a day or two of starting the declarations,  I developed a bad sinus infection, inflamed throat, and my whole body felt like it was coming down with flu. BUT I did not let that get to me. I kept declaring my 100+ declarations and especially declared ever-increasing health. My body had symptoms of being sick, but I felt 100 percent healthy and full of energy. I did not physically rest or take medication. After about 4 or 5 days all the symptoms of being sick had completely disappeared, but this whole time I had not felt ill, weary or unhealthy once!  Before the declarations I would have fallen ill and been in bed for days to recover… Thank You Jesus for the finished work of the cross!”

A Shift in the Home

“Since beginning the Declarations Experiment, there has been a huge shift in our home. There is a peace here that I haven’t experienced in years. I am SO encouraged. I love being reminded of who I am and who God is daily!”

God Rescued Family Time – All Things Work Together for Good

“My declaration has been: God works all things together for our good (based on Romans 8:28). We were on vacation with our kids and grandkids in a cabin in northern Minnesota where you really rely on good weather to enjoy your time together. We arrived at the beginning of 30 straight hours of pouring rain. I kept declaring that God will work everything together for our good. We kept coming up with creative ideas of things we could do as a family. At the end of the first day, we were playing a game and laughter filled the cabin. On the second day, we tubed down the river. As we left, the rain began. The third day we rented a jet ski. When our time was up, it began to rain. The kids said, "This was the best time ever!" The fourth day, we headed to rent bikes in the rain. We decided to have ice cream first. As we finished up, the rain stopped and the bike trip began. Everyday of our vacation, God was faithful to His promise! As a family, we can all say, "This was a great vacation!" To God be the glory!”

Financial Blessing for newlyweds

“When I started the Declarations Experiment on June 20, my husband and I were in a tight spot financially, and couldn't "see" where a job for me was going to come from. My husband is South African and can't work until he gets his green card, so I am the primary breadwinner at the moment. We got married in May, and a few days into our honeymoon, I began to be bombarded by lies of the enemy about my identity. I realized it was because I lacked vision and felt purposeless without a job. Our wedding was the day after graduation from ministry school and neither of us had worked during the year. We used up the last of our money on our wedding and to pay for rent in our new home together.  

After applying for over 40 different positions, I only had a few interviews and one acceptance, but the job could only offer 12 hours per week maximum. This was encouraging, but still not enough. The new job is a stretch for me - I have never done retail sales before, and was intimidated at first. This is where my breakthrough began. Just the other day came this thought - "Oh no, I don't want to go to work, it's going to be hard,” when SUDDENLY right behind that thought came the declaration that I have been speaking daily - NEW STRONGHOLDS ARE MAKING LIFE EASY! (From Wendy's book, Living from the Unseen)  Behind the lie, this declaration IMMEDIATELY popped into my mind! That evening at work was very successful, and I suddenly feel more confidence in myself than ever before. Declaring daily, "I SUCCEED AT WHATEVER I PUT MY HAND TO" is transforming my thinking! These declarations are giving me vision, and OPENING DOORS! I even had three phone calls for interviews last week, none of which I expected, and we are experienced a financial miracle as well - both of our deposits for our 2nd Year of ministry school were FULLY PAID, mostly by anonymous donors! This experiment is changing my life, because I'm changing from the inside. Thank you for all you do!”

Encouraged a Friend by Speaking Truth Over Her

“Thank you for your great ministry during the last month. I enjoyed the hope injections the most! I’ve been in a season of waiting for the Lord and there are times when I lose my passion for waiting on Him and I feel like nothing is going ever happen in my life. The declarations helped me to make the decision to pursue and wait on the Lord with fresh anticipation. They have made me strong in my Spirit and I’ve also noticed that I feel more capable of making good decisions.

Also, a friend of mine called me one day and was experiencing depression and thoughts that the Lord had left her. I started to declare 150 declarations over her, using her name. The outcome was so much revelation and joy. We both experienced the power of speaking truth over our lives!”

Declaring Ongoing Healing from breast cancer

“I did level 2 declarations experiment. It was amazing! I immediately saw a change in my mood and had so much optimism and joy, which amazed me because I’ve been dealing with health issues for months. Toward the end of the experiment, I was in such a good mood for no particular reason. I asked the Holy Spirit why I was in such a good mood, and I clearly heard Him say, 'I'm always in a good mood! You are only reflecting what your Daddy looks like!' So good! Also, I was diagnosed last June with breast cancer but was healed in Brazil at a Randy Clark trip! I went in last week for my six month re-check scan that I was asked to do. I began speaking declarations for that re-scan appointment and one declaration was, 'that tissue will be better and healthier than it was before.' After my scan, the scan tech said everything is normal and there has also been considerable improvement. Praise God!”

Faith Released and Declaring as a Family

“This is the first time that I have done this challenge. It has definitely taken my faith to the next level. It has made it more easy for me to say what I believe, especially when it needs to be said! We have done the experiment as a family and my kids enthusiastically joined in too.”