Welcome to the Empowerment Assessment!


How empowering are you to those in your personal life and those you lead? Since we are all in different areas of leadership and growth, we divided this assessment into three unique areas:

1) Personal (this includes your empowerment ability in only personal areas of life),

2) Potential (your potential to be empowered into greater levels of leadership), and

3) Positional (how well you empower others from a official leadership position).


Click each of the buttons below to assess your empowerment ability in each of the three areas:

Refer to The Culture of Empowerment by Steve Backlund for detailed information on developing as an empowering person in every area of life.

Bless you,

The Igniting Hope Team

The Culture of Empowerment: How to Champion People

by Steve Backlund

Have you ever been championed by someone? You have likely had times when people believed in you more than you believed in yourself and told you, "YOU CAN DO IT!" Their belief in you became a rock to stand on against the waves of insecurity, doubt, and fear in your mind. They were willing to allow you to try something challenging and new under their mentorship, and it caused you to find out there was more in you than you thought.

You may not realize it, but you have been empowered by these people. This book reveals a solid biblical foundation for living a lifestyle of empowerment. Through empowering people, Jesus set an example for us and revealed the Father's heart in doing so. The Culture of Empowerment gives insight and practical tools for championing people as well as developing empowering beliefs about yourself and others.