On February 18, you committed to fasting negativity.

As we end the Lent Fast, the training wheels are coming off...

We launch into a lifetime of positivity.

Where do we go from here?

1) Keep an eye on your e-mails. Steve will be sending you a week of short messages leading up to Easter.

2) Celebrate the testimonies of fasting negativity by reading here. Comment with your own!

3) Fast Negativity Again! Use the book, Bible reading plan, and catch-up page to go through the material again. The video page will be live through Aug. 15.

4) Get more material to feast on. We recommend Possessing Joy and Higher Perspectives as group devotionals. We also recommend the Abounding Hope and Joy 6-part teaching (see below for short-term discount).

5) Connect with Igniting Hope on the Facebook page, through the website, and in person at a seminar on April 25. Click here for info!

6) Look for information on the 30-day Declarations Experiment you can join on Facebook starting April 25.

7) Listen to sermons on hope, joy, and victorious beliefs by individuals like Steve and Wendy, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Graham Cooke, and others!

8) Prioritize thankfulness everyday. Make it a habit to intentionally find and note what is good.

Fill up on Joy!

Here's a free sermon to get you started!

Part 1 of the Abounding Hope and Joy Teaching - Click to Download.

Special Discount for Fasters


MP3 Download for 50% off

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Use code: abound30 at checkout.

We value your feedback!

Help us improve next year's fast!

We'll send you a free sermon (7 Traits of Dynamic Decision Makers) in appreciation for your participation.

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