Days 13 & 14 – FOTS 2015


The time has come again. Welcome to the end of the second week of The Feast, when you can process and practice what you have been activated in. I encourage you to reread and reflect on this past week’s emails. Remember the goal is to understand and believe with the spirit of your mind. This is not a destination but a journey. Celebrate your progress not perfection. Here are a few of my highlights:

"The beauty of the Spirit of God shines and emanates from me. It makes me beautiful and altogether lovely. I am loveable. People see me and are drawn to the beauty of my spirit that is one with Christ.”

"Life is at the core of my being, radiating from the inside out. I am one with the Life of God. It affects my whole being. My emotions and flesh are infected with Life. My body is being rewired for Life.”

"Life is more powerful than death, and Life is in me. I bring life to dead things, dreams, hopes, people, and places. I live in the Kingdom of light and it influences how I see, respond, and live."

"My brain is being rewired for righteousness and an awareness of the Life of God in me."

"People who are depressed, heavy-burdened or numb to life begin to feel alive and free when I walk into their sphere. The life in me is more powerful than death and darkness."

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This weekend, go over your past declarations and take time to journal and add new personal declarations. Continue to declare them over yourself until these truths become your reality.

How are your past week’s declarations affecting your everyday life and transforming your beliefs?
How has your spirit come alive?
What beliefs have started to shift?
Ask God, "Father, what good things do you want to say about me today?"

Have a spirit-filled weekend and I can’t wait to continue the journey together on Monday!

Blessings on your journey,