Days 20 & 21 – FOTS 2015


Well done on completing the third week of The Feast. These past couple of weeks have been amazing! All of the testimonies coming in are so beautiful. Lives are being changed. I’d love to hear more of your testimonies, so please share them by clicking here. Also remember to join the Feasting On The Spirit 2015 Facebook event, by clicking here, to connect with fellow Feasters and share what the Lord is doing in your life. For more mind-renewing resources and tools, click here. Continue declaring these truths. This will accelerate your growth because you want the truth to surpass your intellect and enter into your spirit. Here are some of my favorite declarations from this past week:

“The beauty of the Spirit of God shines and emanates from me. It makes me beautiful and altogether lovely. I am loveable. People see me and are drawn to the beauty of my spirit that is one with Christ.”

“I am made in the image of my Father. It is in my nature to live righteously, love fervently, and shine with the glory of God.”

“I am confident and fearless. I arise and shine with His Glory which causes people to come to Christ. Love and compassion radiate through me. I have the resources of Heaven to fulfill my destiny. I am one with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Ghost.”


This weekend, go over your past declarations and take time to journal and add new personal declarations. Continue to declare them over yourself until these truths becomes your reality.

Take time to reflect on what has happened this past week and the previous weeks.
What are you going to do with all of this momentum that is happening with your spirit?
What will you choose to believe from this point forward?

Have a joyful weekend and see you on Monday!

Blessings on your journey,