Day 23 – FOTS 2015

“I will stand my watch And set myself on the rampart, And watch to see what He will say to me, And what I will answer when I am corrected.”
Habakkuk 2:1


Today, stop trying so hard to hear God. Come into unity with the belief that God is able to make you hear. His Spirit is loud within you. His Spirit is one with your spirit. You finish each other's’ sentences. It is easy to hear. He loves to talk with you. He not only speaks to you with words but talks to you by highlighting things throughout your day. He also inspires dreams and desires within you. Watch and see what the Lord speaks to you today. Today, as you declare this over your life, I believe your mind will be renewed:

The Lord speaks to me. I expect to hear from Him. His thoughts naturally flow into my thoughts. I am easily influenced by His thoughts. My brain is affected by His Spirit and rejects any voice that does not have the character of God’s love and hope attached to it. His wonderful truths bombard my thinking so that joy and hope bubble up within me.

I welcome God’s thoughts. Because I am one with Him, His thoughts are loud within me. His desires influence me. His power strengthens me. He affects my dreams, my desires, my thoughts, and my emotions. He affects how I see today. I see through the veil of His love and power. I see every circumstance today through the eyes of the Spirit. His wisdom flows out of me. His creativity flows through me without any effort on my part, because we are one. His creativity is mine because He is mine and I am His. Thank You, Jesus, that life is easy when I rest in the truth that what is Yours is mine. I do not struggle because I have faith that who You are naturally flows out of me.

Today, rest in the belief that your new nature will manifest itself. Rest in His ability to speak to you and cause you to hear.

Blessings on your journey,