Day 3 – FOTS 2015

“All my bones shall say, ‘Lord, who is like you, delivering the poor from him who is too strong for him?’” 
Psalm 35:10

“A mighty man is not delivered by great strength.” 
Psalm 33:16


Today as you read this over your body, I believe you will experience what it means to be a new creation:

Body, you are wonderfully created by God. You are not my enemy. God and my spirit love and care for you. My soul will no longer punish you or control you.

Body, how you look or feel is not my identity. I do not trust in you to deliver me, bring me favor or approval. From now on, you will trust in the Spirit to heal, deliver, and bring life.

Body, as you look to the Spirit for perspective and guidance, you will be joyful. Achy muscles and joints, rejoice in God your Savior. Body, drink in the life of God. Be aware of the Spirit having influence over you. Spirit created you and Spirit will influence you. Relax in the substance of God’s peace and divine love. Let the power of that love soak deep into your muscle, bones, and every cell.

Body, you are attuned to the Spirit. The Spirit is affecting your capabilities and looks. You feel strong, beautiful, and energetic because the Spirit lives within you and is affecting every cell within you.

Body, the Spirit is aligning you to the supernatural. You trust you have new, divine abilities because of Christ in you. No limits…

Blessings on your journey,