Days 6 & 7 – FOTS 2015


Well done completing the first week of The Feast! I want to encourage you to go back and reread highlighted portions of this past week. I believe consistently declaring these truths over yourself will accelerate your growth. It is not enough for your intellect to understand something. You must actively engage your spirit to ground these truths within it. I will often reread revelatory messages five times a day so the truth goes past my intellect and into my spirit. The goal is to understand and believe with the spirit of your mind. Remember this is a journey of growth. Celebrate progress not perfection. Declare this over your soul, body, and spirit today:

Soul, you are beautifully created by God. God loves you and desires peace and joy for you.

Body, you will be attuned to the Spirit. The Spirit is affecting your capabilities and looks. You feel strong, beautiful, and energetic because the Spirit lives within you and is affecting every cell within you.

Self, you are more spirit than flesh. Your identity rests in who you are in Christ, not who you are emotionally, physically or experientially. You have all things in Christ. You are light and overcome darkness, sickness, and depression. These things are influenced by the substance of your spirit, which is one with Christ.

I speak to my circumstances today. Peace, be still. I release light, grace, and understanding to permeate every circumstance that I step into today.

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This weekend, take time to journal and write some personal declarations to declare over yourself until those truths becomes your reality.

Did you notice a response or a shift in what you spoke over yourself this past week?

Have a joyful weekend and see you on Monday!

Blessings on your journey,