Group Leaders – Lent Negativity Fast + Positivity Feast


Welcome, Mighty Negativity Fast Leaders!

This page is dedicated specifically to you as you lead your group during the Lent Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast. Below you will find leadership resources and special offers only available to Fast group leaders.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Abounding in Hope,

The Igniting Hope Team

special offers for leaders:

  1. Free Level 2 Registration for Every Five Level 2 or 3 Registrations in Your Group – For every five people you register for the Fast (including yourself) at Level 2 or 3, you will receive one FREE Level 2 registration (valued at $35). Once you and your group members have registered, email us at with your groups' email addresses, along with the name and email address of the additional person/people you'd like to register for free. 

  2. Bulk Book Discounts – Receive group discounts for multiple copies of Igniting Faith in 40 Days (the Fast devotional) for your group. Contact to order bulk books. To receive books in-time for the Fast (beginning February 10), we recommend contacting us for orders ASAP.

  3. Negativity Fast Group Leaders Facebook PageClick here to join the Facebook page and connect with other leaders during the Fast!

  4. Tips and Ideas on How to Lead a Group SuccessfullyClick here to read a blog post from Steve about leading your Negativity Fast group.

  5. Free PDF download of Divine Strategies for Increase – Click the button below to download your copy. Please note this free copy is a thank you gift for choice to lead a Fast group and is intended for you only. 

About Divine Strategies for Increase

by Steve Backlund

"But his delight is in the law of the Lord . . . and whatever he does shall prosper" (Psalm 1:3)

The laws of the spirit are more real than the natural laws. Just as the law of gravity can work for us or against us, so do God's spiritual laws.

God's laws primarily are principles to release blessing, not rules to be obeyed to gain right standing with God. The Psalmist talks of one whose prime delight is in the law of the Lord. This person not only discovers how to cheerfully make life-changing deposits into the spirit realm, but, more importantly, how to find new aspects of the nature of God (hidden in each law) to behold and worship. The end result of this delighting is a transformed life that prospers in every endeavor. His experience can be our experience, and this book unlocks the blessings hidden in the spiritual realm.

Even non-Christians have unwittingly used spiritual laws to prosper. It is time for the church to become aware of the powerful realm of the spirit and the laws that are at work within that realm.