Tips for Making 100+ Declarations a Day


Accomplishing any goal requires proper, thoughtful preparation. Just as someone wanting to lose weight must develop a plan to enable their success in working out (when to work out, what exercises to complete on which days, etc.),  and healthy eating (what to eat, how much of it, and when, etc.), success in speaking 100 declarations a day will require adequate planning. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Declarations Experiment isn't set up to spoon-feed you 100 declarations to speak each day for 30 days. Our goal is to empower you with declarations lists and ideas to get you started, while helping develop a habit in you to identify lies you're believing and areas of breakthrough in your own life, then intentionally speak life by making 100 declarations or more a day for 30 days on your own.

To set yourself up for success in making 100+ declarations daily for the month of June, we recommend reading over the material below, including:

  • Recommended resources to use
  • Suggested methods for making declarations
  • Identifying the best time and place to do your daily declarations
  • How to track your progress by using our daily checklist


Recommended Resources

As mentioned on the Declarations Experiment sign-up page, we believe utilizing the following three resources as part of your 30 day journey will greatly impact your success:

  1. A Tally Counter – We've found that using a tally counter like the Igniting Hope Declarations Clicker (available here) or perhaps using a tally counter app on your phone greatly increases how many declarations our experimenters' make in a day. It's also helpful to write down the total number you make each day and try to better your score.
  2. Declarations Book by Steve Backlund – One of Steve's top-selling books, Declarations provides 30 devotionals on 30 different areas of life, including a new list of declarations for you to utilize each day of the experiment.
  3. A Notebook – The checklist will include a reminder to write down your observations as you go through the experiment process. Take note of what is challenging in about making declarations, what is a hindering you, what declarations are harder to speak aloud, and which you believe you need to repeat. These observations will help you identify lies you may be believing, strongholds in your thinking that need to be renewed with truth, and what you've been speaking to result in testimonies you experience. 


declarations METHODS

Declare from a Declarations List. Steve's book Declarations: Unlocking Your Future has declaration lists for many areas of life in each chapter. You can also start by daily declaring Steve's Daily Declarations list or any of the lists we've already created (listed and linked below) or declare from your own list (scroll below to learn how to write your own declarations).


Exchange Lies for God's Truth. Next time you find yourself believing a lie from the enemy, catch it and exchange it for truth. If you hear, "I am worthless," intentionally declare the truth instead, such as, "I am a chosen, set-apart, beloved child of God!" Then, give your declarations clicker a "click."

Focus on Eradicating Specific Lies. One way to get the most out of your declarations clicker is to seek the Lord to identify specific lies you're believing in key areas of life like finances, your future, identity, relationships, etc. and repeatedly declaring biblical truths to combat these lies until your mind is renewed in those areas.

The Power of Repetition. Similar to #3, also try repeating the same declarations of truth over and over again to achieve your 100+ declarations a day. Each declaration of your daily 100+ doesn't need to be unique. There is great power in renewing your mind with the same truth until you build a new stronghold in that area. 

Declare in Community. It can also be fun to grab a few family members or friends and declare truths one by one while clicking your tally counters (we love to do this as a staff team at Igniting Hope Ministries). Taking 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to declare truths together will inspire you, create a beautiful atmosphere of hope and truth, and also create a little friendly "competition" to motivate you to speak more declarations. You'll find you've all declared 50+ declarations in just a few minutes!



In addition to trying out some of the suggested declarations methods above, we know many of you lead busy lives, and therefore encourage you to make a plan for when and where you'll be speaking your declarations. Some people prefer to speak them while moving, like taking a walk or while driving to work. Others prefer to keep their tally counter at-hand so they can speak truth as inspiration comes throughout the day. At least for the first week, we suggest starting by setting a notification or alarm on your phone that reminds you to speak declarations at a time of day that is convenient for you.

Here's a few ideas for when and where to speak your daily declarations:

  • In the car on your way to and from work 
  • While on a walk
  • 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night
  • Over your lunch hour
  • Right before bed
  • Set aside 30+ minutes everyday for reading your Declarations daily devotion and/or for time alone with the Lord, followed by intentionally speaking your 100+ declarations


How to Write Your Own Declarations


One of the main purposes of Steve's book Declarations is to help you create your own declarations for important areas of your life. The next few sections are designed to help you get started in this.

1) Lies I Am Tempted To Believe

Romans 15:13 says, “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” When we believe truth, our hope will rise. Therefore, our hope level in an area of life determines whether we are believing lies or truth. If we have glistening hope, we are believing truth. If we do not have hope in an area, we are probably believing lies. 

Are there some areas of your life that are not glistening with hope? Take some time journaling these. 

2) Relevant Bible Verses

What does Scripture say about this particular area of your life? Try looking up topics similar to your area of emphasis in a concordance or online. Write one to three verses here.

3) My Declarations

Now begin making declarations based on what God has said, or is saying. If you’re having a difficult time, just skim through some of the declarations we have made already to help give you some ideas of how to make your own declarations. Write as many here as you like, but aim for at least five.

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