Lent Negativity Fast & Positivity Feast


Every year for Lent, Igniting Hope Ministries facilitates a worldwide Negativity Fast. Read below to learn more about negativity fasting. Sign-ups to do this corporately with Igniting Hope begin in January 2017 for the 2017 Lent Season, but you can fast negativity any time of year.


For the 40-day fast, we send a daily e-mail for subscribers. In 2016, we added additional options including a daily video, access to a beliefs trainer, and additional products.  We invite you to join us for Lent, and start fasting negativity now.

What is a Negativity Fast?

It is crucial to not only stop thinking and speaking unbelief and negativity, but more importantly, to grow in thinking and speaking such positives of the Kingdom as: 

  • The truths of God
  • The promises of God
  • Praises to God
  • Encouragement to others
  • Thanksgiving to God and people in your life

The Fast is NOT:

  • Denying that problems exist.
  • Stuffing things that are wrong.
  • Critical of others who may be struggling.
  • Irresponsible concerning things that need to be done.

The Fast IS:

  • Determining to focus more on God’s promises than on problems.
  • Learning to speak with hope about even the toughest of issues.
  • Becoming solution focused rather than problem focused.
  • Refraining from reacting and giving voice to pessimism, criticism of others, self-criticism and other forms of unbelief.
  • Speaking about problems to the right people in the right way.
  • Replacing negative words and thoughts with positive words and thoughts based on the promises of God.

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Fast Devotional


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Testimonies from Negativity Fasts

I have to tell you that before I began this fast I was so down about my life and feeling pretty hopeless... after the first 5 days I broke down and bought the book... these last three days God has shown up in BIG ways! My hope is being restored, my finances are being restored, I’m laughing and I’m feeling His presence again!
— Stephanie
BREAKTHROUGH, SIGNS and WONDERS, and a jaw-dropping MIRACLE!!!! As I’ve been working through the components of this fast, I started declaring health and restoration of body parts in Jesus name, over my son. On day 3, faith kicked in as I released his health to God (I was always afraid to do this in fear that God would take him home – I’m not ready for that yet). He has severe cerebral palsy with respiratory complexities and therefore has very little muscle tone which means he doesn’t move much at all, apart from involuntary seizure movement, and he is very vulnerable to pneumonias. He is an incredible five year-old. He is on 24/7 oxygen, is wheelchair bound, and is fed/medicated through a tube in his stomach. Today, I sat my boy on my lap for a cuddle and he started to kick and kick some more. I checked and he was not in a seizure. He continued to kick and jerk himself all over the place giggling up a storm for a good 15 minutes. Family members came in the room to marvel – what joy swept through our house. Woooooo!!!
— Sue