How to become who we truly are? (Sent Mon, Feb 1st, 2016)

Pastor Encouragement from Steve Backlund
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"The Kingdom of God is not advanced by good conduct. 
It’s moved forward by good beliefs." – Steve Backlund

Dear Powerful Pastor,

How do we combat the fatherlessness that so many are experiencing? One way is for us to assume a main role of fathers – to give identity to those we father.

Here is one idea that will make a big difference in your leadership – Dramatically increase telling individuals who they are by sharing their good qualities and reminding them of their prophetic words. It is a difference maker.

Here is a core value from my book "HELP! I'm a Pastor": I tell those I lead who they are much more than I tell them what to do – I understand it is very difficult for people to do what they do not believe they are; therefore, I spend more time telling them who they are in Christ than I do telling them what to do as Christians. Just as the angel unlocked Gideon’s future by telling him who he really was (even though he was not yet experiencing that), I do the same for my people. 

Supporting verses: Romans 4:17-19, Judges 6:12

Unreasonably Optimistic,
Steve Backlund

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