One big mistake Pastors should avoid (Sent Thu, Nov 09th, 2015)

Pastor Encouragement from Steve Backlund
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Dear Mighty Pastor, 

How many of us have learned the hard way in making a decision that did not have "buy in" from our spouse or key family member? Ouch. It is not pretty. 

At times i have experienced needless pain in church relationships because I as the senior leader did not proactively communicate adequately with the important people who would be affected by the decision. We can forget the reality that people are much more likely to support what they understand and what they have some level of input in. 

The wise leader increases buy in from their team and congregation by: 

  • Anticipating people's "anxiety points" by proactively speaking to these concerns. 
  • Speaking individually with key influencers before ever bringing up a major change in a group meeting. 
  • "Floating" the idea to people before deciding to see if you are missing anything in your zeal to get this done (or if you are unaware of a level of resistance that needs to be understood).

I share about this core value from my book "HELP! I'm a Pastor" in Core Value #8.

I pursue “buy-in” from leaders and key people involved before making a big decision. 
I realize when someone “buys in” to where I am leading, it increases the likelihood of success and decreases the likelihood of relational problems in the future. 

I bless you with incredible insight into how to help people buy-in into God's directions for your ministry. 

Unreasonably Optimistic, 

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Steve Backlund 
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