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Pastor Encouragement from Steve Backlund
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Dear Mighty Pastor, 

When I was a senior pastor, I loved having catalytic guest speakers who shared my core values for life and ministry. I found out more could happen in the lives of my people from these special meetings than six months of a regular church calendar. 

When it came to guest speakers, I did not merely want a good meeting, but i desired a relationship with someone who could play a role in advancing my church and myself into our highest purpose and call. Which relates to guest speakers

In my book, Help! I'm a Pastor i share this core value which relates to guest speakers"Core Value #7: My team and I pursue spiritual fathers and mothers we mutually respect – It is a great safeguard to have leaders from the outside who can give input to help in times of difficulty, to bring wisdom in decisions being made, and to provide healthy accountability for the leadership team. I intentionally pursue these relationships. I “date” guest speakers relationally to see which of them could fulfill this fathering or mothering role. Once it is clear that someone is to serve in this role, I strategically invite him or her to come to our ministry on a regular basis, and I find other ways to connect with them."

Here are two ways to maximize your experience with guest speakers:

  • Have the guest speaker meet with you core leadership team to do a teaching or to fellowship with them.
  • Ask the guest speaker to share with you what he or she is hearing for you and your ministry.
Through these interactions and through seeing the effectiveness of their ministry, you will start to get a good idea if this person is someone you should ask back again and potentially be a part of your extended leadership team.

Bless you on your journey with guest speakers. Don't let financial concerns stop you from having special meetings. There are always creative ways to finance these. 

Unreasonably Optimistic, 

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