The Number 1 Reason Many Pastors Fail? (Sent Fri, Feb 26th, 2016 )

Pastor Encouragement from Steve Backlund
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"The Kingdom of God is not advanced by good conduct. 
It’s moved forward by good beliefs." – Steve Backlund

Dear Power-Filled Pastor, 

I used to get frustrated when the people I led did not trust me to the level I thought they should. Then I heard the Lord say to me, "Steve, don't take it personal but realize that building trust is one of the most important things you do, especially in the beginning season of a new assignment or new relationship.

In my upcoming book, The Culture of Empowerment, I list some "trust busters" that hinder people from trusting us. Here are some of those: 

  • not following through on what we say we would do
  • entitlement attitude
  • reactive, instead of proactive communicator
  • moodiness
  • defensiveness
  • being regularly overwhelmed by personal problems
  • boundaries that have become walls
  • making "messes" in our choices
  • lack of integrity in in finances
  • not getting key people's input before decisions and policies are made
  • not admitting and seeking forgiveness for wrongs (whether small or large)
  • being more concerned about building a ministry than building the people we have

Here is a core value from my book "HELP! I'm a Pastor": I embrace seasons of building trust in the eyes of those I lead – In any ministry assignment I have, one of my first priorities is to behave in a trustworthy manner. I realize if people do not trust me as their leader, I will need to manipulate and use fear to control them in order for them to follow my leadership. (Supporting verses: 1 Peter 3:1, Acts 27:10,11,21-44)

Unreasonably Optimistic,


PS. Please note that our April's Church Leaders Conference in the Detroit area has been cancelled.  Michael Brodeur and I are finalizing details for a May Leaders Conference in the Bay Area in May. We will keep you posted on this.

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