The #1 Reason Leadership Teams Get Tired (Sent Thu, Oct 08, 2015)

Pastor Encouragement from Steve Backlund
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Dear History-Making Pastors, 

I have a theory on why church leadership teams get tired. It is this: there is a lack of encouragement which is creating tired leaders. I have seen this to be a reality for many as I've traveled to numerous churches in the last few years. 

Here are three ways to increase encouragement on your leadership team which will increase their life and energy: 

  1. Take time in meetings to share what you appreciate about each other. 
  2. Take time to prophesy over one another as leaders. 
  3. As a senior leader, send these five messages regularly to your leaders: 
             - I am proud of you.
             - I am so glad you are on my team.
             - I need you.
             - I really admire you for ___________.
             - I am committed to helping you reach your                   dreams.

In my book, Help! I'm a Pastor, I share this core value: 

Core Value #6: I lead a culture of radical encouragement – I lead in encouraging others. I do so by giving specific thanks to people regularly. Our leadership spends time encouraging and prophesying over each other. I even find ways to encourage people with “issues” because I know everyone’s negative qualities are positive qualities out of whack (Supporting verses: Hebrews 10:24-25, Isaiah 35:4-7).

Even as I'm writing this, I'm seeing the Lord releasing over you a mantle of supernatural encouragement that will affect nations.

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Unreasonably Optimistic, 
Blog Post –  Grace is Imparted Through Speech (Part 2)
Audio Message –

"Many people feel that correction or judgment is a higher level of prophetic operation. This message reveals the true expressions of prophetic maturity. Encouragement is the mother tongue of the Holy Spirit."
Research Positive Reinforcement

Studies have shown how positive encouragement will always work better than negative criticism.
April 5-7, 2016 (note the date change) – Mark your calendars for this year's Igniting Hope Church Leaders' Conference, held near Detroit, MI. As senior leaders for 17 years, Steve and Wendy are passionate about igniting church leaders to live out of hope, joy, and victorious beliefs. Join Steve, Wendy, and the greater Igniting Hope team for encouragement, refreshing, and breakthrough in your church leadership. More information is coming on this. 
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